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7 Natural Stone Designs to Transform Any Surface from Bland to Grand

Filling your home with man-made materials, whether it’s vinyl or laminates, is like walking through a pristine beach full of plastic clutter. I prefer natural materials that don’t pollute the environment and give one a sense of oneness with nature. Choosing natural stone designs in your home are a surefire way to create unique, durable, and […]

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10 Examples of Water Jet Designs for the Luxury Homeowner

The azulejos of the Alhambra, beautiful multi-colored, intricately designed tiles, look like they may have been cut with modern tools, but actually required extensive training and dedication to the art of mosaic cutting to produce such astounding and complex designs. Source: Glendale.edu Later, the same art became known as zellige in Morocco and other parts […]

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Tapeti Naran Mosaic Medallion

10 Ways You Can Use Water Jet Medallions to Transform Any Surface

Water jet technology has made it much more efficient to create increasingly complex tile medallions for the luxury homeowner and business office. Homeowners like the way medallions make it possible to do a small project without having to cover an entire wall or floor. Business owners like the way they produce a dramatic effect in an entry […]

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