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The 6 Best Tiles for Farmhouse-style Homes

Farmhouse style is a popular aesthetic for contemporary houses. Homeowners gravitate toward this look to create living spaces that are both beautiful and comfortable. Farmhouse decor feels warm and inviting.As you plan a farmhouse redecorating project, consider the ways that tile could help you achieve the desired look. To get started, take inspiration from this […]

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The 7 Best Tiles for Craftsman-style Homes

For more than a century, homeowners looking for warm, welcoming designs have turned to Craftsman decorating ideas.With an emphasis on natural materials and handmade items, Craftsman-style homes are a refuge from the industrial world. The best tiles for Craftsman-style homes will help you bring this look into your living space.What Is Craftsman Style?Craftsman-style architecture and […]

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What Are the Easiest Tiles to Clean?

Everyone loves a sparkling bathroom or kitchen, but not everyone loves the work it takes to achieve that spic and span look. To give yourself the best chance of keeping your rooms in pristine shape, plan your remodeling project with easy cleaning in mind.One of the best things you can do during the design process […]

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Are Mosaic Floors Slippery?

Perhaps you’ve always admired the look of mosaic tiles, but you have doubts about whether they’re right for your home. “Are mosaic floors slippery?” you wonder.There’s good news about that! Some mosaic floors do a great job of reducing falls. With the right material and design, you can feel confident about installing mosaic tiles in […]

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