You Need to See These 4 Mosaic Tile Niche Ideas for Your Shower

You Need to See These 4 Mosaic Tile Niche Ideas for Your Shower

Every shower needs storage. The bottles and jars and tools that you use to make yourself look your best have to be stored somewhere. For the sleekest approach to bathroom storage, add built-in shelving to your shower. Recessed storage compartments are known as shower niches. With mosaic tile designs, a niche can be not only functional but also beautiful. To find inspiration for your next bathroom remodeling project, glean from this list of mosaic tile niche ideas. One look at these mosaic tile niches, and you'll be ready to start your next remodeling project today.

Develop Contrast by Selecting Different Shapes for the Tile and the Niche

One of the basic principles of design is contrast. This is the concept of using two different shapes, textures, colors, or other elements to draw attention and raise interest. Contrast is effective because it demands focus; your eye is pulled toward the element that stands out. Therefore, the point of contrast becomes the part of the design to which you pay attention. Soho Pleasant Strips Mosaic Soho Pleasant Strips 2 - View Details / Get Quote » Above is an example of mosaic tile niche ideas that depend on contrast to increase their visual appeal. In this particular design, the thin Soho tiles run vertically along both the shower walls and the interior of the niche. Their pattern emphasizes narrow rectangular bands that are decidedly taller than they are wide. The niche, on the other hand, is square shaped. Although it is not unheard of for niches to measure 12 by 24 inches, this particular design forgoes additional height and instead matches in both height and width. This square design sets the shape of niche apart from the shape embedded in the tiled design, thereby creating an attractive contrast.

Match the Tile to the Glass for a Coordinating Look

If you stick to more traditional 12- by 24-inch dimensions for your shower niche, you will have plenty of space to add one or two shelves to your storage area. Glass is a popular material from which to make bathroom shelves. For one thing, since it is clear, it won't obstruct your view of mosaic tile niche designs. When the tiles are the focus of your shower, it is important to maintain the integrity of their design with unobtrusive shelving. Glass is easy to clean, and unlike metal shelving, it does not rust. And if you choose tempered glass, you can trust that it will be safe to use in your shower. Now although glass is transparent, it often has a green tint to it. This tint is particularly apparent along the edge, which is the most notable part of a niche shelf. The green color is a result of the iron oxide that is present in most glass. Although glass without this tint is available, consider sticking with the green shade and planning your mosaic tile niche ideas around it. As seen here, the background tile of this niche is a soft green shade that complements the green tone of the shelves. The geometric grid pattern of the tiles pairs well with the straight lines of the shelves, further enhancing the overall look.

Accent a Mosaic Tile Niche with a Border

One of the easiest ways to add emphasis to a design is to add a frame to it. Normally, frames are used to highlight those things that are most meaningful to us, such as photos, artwork and awards. However, in interior design, frames can serve as a standalone element that draws the eye in a particular direction to create a focal point for the space. Limestone with Pinwheel Mosaic Limestone with Pinwheel Mosaic - View Details / Get Quote » To use mosaic tile niches as eye-catching elements, consider adding a border around the recessed shelving. Consider this particular bathroom design. Your eye is drawn down the length of the room to the shower on the far wall. Two aspects of this niche set it apart as a focal point of the room. For one thing, the interior of the niche is tiled with a darker material than the rest of the shower. Furthermore, a definite two-layer border sets this space off from the rest of the shower wall. The outer layer is a thin, dark stripe that matches the background of the niche. The inner layer matches the lighter material used for the shower walls, but the tiles are smaller squares than the ones that cover the sides of the shower. The variation in color and the variation in shape work together to form a can't-miss frame for the niche.

Create a Monochromatic Appearance with Consistent Tile

In interior design, a monochromatic color scheme is one in which various values and variations of the same hue are used as the basis of a room's decor. A monochromatic scheme can be used throughout the entire room to promote a feeling of relaxation, but as the video "Interior Design--DIY Fun & Easy Monochromatic Color Scheme" points out, a background without much contrast can also be used as a way to make other elements of the design pop. Curv Anner Waterjet Mosaic Curv Anner Waterjet Mosaic - View Details / Get Quote » In this particular bathroom, the shower niche is noticeable, but it is in no way the focal point of the room. Because the niche features the same geometric pattern and neutral color scheme as the of the bathroom walls, the shelving does not draw your eye away from the more prominent features of the room. Instead, your focus goes exactly where the designer intends for it to; the first things that you notice are the deep purple flower, the large window that lets in natural light, and the high-contrast tile pattern on the floor. Which of these mosaic tile niche designs is most appealing to you? A bathroom has a practical use, but it shouldn't have to sacrifice aesthetics in pursuit of functionality. When tilework accents your niche, the shelving can be both useful and beautiful. Please leave a comment below with your favorite design ideas for mosaic tile shower niches, and share this article with your friends who appreciate high-end interior decorating.
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