5 Mosaic Countertop Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

5 Mosaic Countertop Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

Contemporary kitchens today are starting to make more use of an old-time favorite for Backsplash: tile mosaics. Modern preferences have leaned towards one large slab of marble or granite for a countertop, but it tends to be bland and not very unique. You can create more diverse designs with mosaic countertop ideas that add quite a bit of character and uniqueness to a high-end home, and that’s why designers are taking another look at different tiling options for kitchens and countertops. Here are a few mosaic kitchen countertop ideas that I’ve collected show current trends and how to make your kitchen stand out with this choice of materials.

5 Mosaic Countertop Ideasfor Modern Times

If you’ve ever traveled to Mexico or Spain, you might want to bring some of their colorful style back with you to remind you of when you were on vacation. Red terracotta countertop tiles paired with white walls are a Spanish favorite. However, these ancient designs, complete with custom Spanish or Mexican tiles, can be overpowering for modern sensibilities. Thus, modern trends look into giving custom tiling a more refined look for a discriminating homeowner. Yet, the design concepts that made tiles a past favorite are still able to create new, exciting designs with interesting uses of color, texture, and materials. Here’s how these ideas work today:

1. Make a Color Statement

With mosaics, you can create big splashes of vibrant color in the kitchen. If you want a more modern look, just use neutral colors to showcase several Spanish tiles with bold colors and patterns, like in this kitchen island countertop.

Andy Border Botticino

Ornamenti Tiles

You can add the color on the corners, in the center, or randomly along a countertop. Ornamenti tiles are hand painted and can be used anywhere in the design to create an old-world color statement.

Andy Border Botticino

Water Jet Tiles

You can also use water jet tiles to add some of that Morrocan or Spanish design flair on a countertop using tiles like Adimas, Anolla, and Asan.Or, create an entirely new design to cover the entire countertop in one shot and have it cut with a water jet to add vibrant colors only where you want them.

2. “All-White” Color Schemes

One of the attractions of having a slab of marble or quartz was the way it has veins or mica running through it, giving it some tonal variation. However, you can get the same “all-white” neutral palette with visual interest when you use the right tile collections. The Blanch stone mosaic collection offers similar neutral tones with a far greater color range of whites. You can get grayish whites to creamy whites with a number of visual design schemes too. It can be even more radiant andinteresting than quartz.

Blanch Collection

3. Natural Stone Subway Tile Kitchens

If you really must have your marbles and stones, you can still get them with natural stone subway tiles. In the past, subway tiles in kitchens, whether on a countertop or backsplash, were typically all white. Now, you can get them in travertine, marble, and slate.

Mocha Brown

These materials also come in 12”x12” tiles, like this marble collection. You can even go for some unusual stone tiles for your kitchen countertop or backsplash, like onyx. That way you still get to see the beautiful veining of these stones, but you don’t necessarily have to have one solid piece.

4. Bricks

Terracota bricks in a white kitchen are classic, but brick designs have been upgraded significantly. They no longer just serve as borders on a countertop or for walls. Plus, you can get brick tiles in an assortment of colors other than the classic rusty red.


Bricks, in all different colors and shapes, are a big design trend right now. They not only do well in traditional designs, but with the new color and tile choices, they are excellent choices for most modern industrial kitchen designs too. Take a look at the Providence collection to get an idea of the assortment of brick color schemes out there to use in your modern version of a California Spanish kitchen.

5. Mix and Match


Can’t settle on a particular color or material? Why not try mixing and matching them for subtle light and texture variations in your design? Chateau offers a tile that looks like it’s mixing and matching stones, even though it’s a single tile. the Fusione, and Piedmont collections also offer a number of different colors with a mix-and-match feel.

Take a look at how someone else created a new mix and match scheme with a glass and stone mosaic countertop, simply by replacing some stones with a glass inset. It can inspire you to create your own custom designs using different materials. Besides, that's the whole point of using mosaics, creating unique designs out of many different pieces, not just one solid material or piece.

Explore New Design Possibilities

Your kitchen remodel should be functional as it is beautiful. How you plan countertop and island space should suit your needs. Take a look at this video for different countertop layouts and kitchen styles to get even more ideas. Mix and match styles and try to visual these layouts with some of the mosaic countertop ideas presented here. This can inspire you with even more thrilling designs.

I hope you liked the ideas I came up with for revamping a kitchen with incredible countertop designs using old materials and design concepts in a new way. Can you add to the list? Do you have a favorite or a new idea? If so, give me your ideas in the comments below and like and share this article with your friends and followers.

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