6 Bathroom Tile Color Schemes for Different Ambiances

6 Bathroom Tile Color Schemes for Different Ambiances

It’s important to think carefully when picking bathroom tile color schemes. Everyone remembers the avocado green and Pepto Bismol pink tiles that were popular in the 1970’s, but since then these color schemes instantly date the bathroom in this time period. Bathroom tiles are a beautiful, long-lasting, choice, but that choice has to stand the test of time when it comes to styles that fall in and out of favor. Another reason I advise people to pick timeless and classic color schemes is to create a mood or ambiance that envelopes a person in an air of luxury and well-being when they walk into your business facilities or your estate’s in-home lavatory spa. Here are six different bathroom tile color schemes that can establish a comfortable ambiance that won’t be outdated in a few short years.


1. Soothing Neutral Color Schemes

The most contemporary color palette for bathroom tiles has to be beige. There is some backlash against this trend, but it turns out the death of beige is probably exaggerated, according to House Beautiful. It’s still a color scheme that people use because you can easily add your own other tones with accents when you accessorize the room and it won’t clash with anything. That’s why color experts consider it a “neutral” color. Here is an example of color schemes that make use of this lovely palette.

Mosaic Tile - View Details>>

However, neutrals have grown up and now include colors like smoky gray, like what you see in Asian inspired designs and modern styles.  

Bathroom Tile - View Details>>


2. Elegant Black and White Color Schemes

Besides the all-white classic bathroom, there will always be black and white schemes that are timeless. You can create geometric patterns or checkerboards that create an air of drama in their simplicity with repeating patterns that are intriguing to the mind, or you can step it up a bit more with intricate shapes now possible with waterjet technology.

Geometric Waterjet Patterns - View Details>>


3. Rich Brown and White Color Schemes

Why go for boring black when there are so many rich browns to choose from? Brown and white color schemes work because they complement luxurious wood grain cabinets made of materials like mahogany or cherry wood. They also have a grounding effect because it evokes the color of earth. Pair it with some natural tile choices like pebble bathroom mosaics and it becomes an excellent, organic, choice for a bathroom. 

Waterjet Tile - View Details>>


4. Verdant Color Schemes

While we may no longer go for avocado green tile, unless it is an accent color, people still love the look and feel of green and white color schemes. It not only perks up the eyes and provides a beautiful contrast with white, but it makes you feel like you are in your own private forest glen when you’re in the tub surrounded by verdant colors. Green may be a tough color to get with stone, but it’s not impossible. However, the modern choice is to use glass tiles so that green translucent color really pops when the light streams in the window. Take a look at the way these green Soho Strips on the wall are complemented by the white wall trim and floor borders and green accent wall in this design.  

Green Tile- View Details>>


5. Watery Color Schemes

Anything that evokes the feeling of being at the ocean or near a body of water is going to always be a classic choice for bathrooms. You can do like the ancient Romans and Greeks did and put in bathroom mosaic designs with fish or even mermaids, and people will still consider them beautiful in years to come. However, if you want a more modern take on the ocean color scheme, you can use the geometric outline of waves to create the same cool, breezy, mood without necessarily adding a cast of characters to your bathroom. In this fashion, you know it will always remain in style no matter whether it is a decade or a century from now. For instance, take a look at this beautiful modern take on bluish waves that will appeal to everyone in any time period.  

Wave Mosaic Tile - View Details>>


6. Natural Earth-Toned Color Schemes

Finally, the call back to more natural materials and living choices, means a call back to more natural earth tones in our design. When you put all the colors together, you have browns, greens, and blues, paired with neutrals like beige, gray, and white. You can even mimic nature by putting the greens on the walls (like trees and foliage) and reserve the browns for accents, as in natural tree branch accents in a lush wood. Take a look at how this design, though characteristically modern in style, makes you feel like you are in a woodsy space on earth with the choice of earth-toned materials.  

Abstract Tile - View Details>>


What’s Missing from Our Color Scheme Choices?

If you’ve noticed, there were very few bright pink or orange bathrooms. The key to classic, timeless, design is to avoid overpowering the senses with colors that stick out decades later as unique to your time period. It doesn’t mean your tile choices can't include pink cherry blossoms in accent walls, it just means don’t overdo any one strong color to the detriment of your overall design. Did this get you wanting more color schemes? I bet you can tell now which color scheme is a definite “no-no” for classic, timeless, beauty, even though it is quite stunning. See if your friends or followers can pick it out. Which color scheme do you like the best? Let us know in the comments below! Also, let your friends and followers in on the fun. Share this article with them and see if they agree with our choice of classic design and the one we consider to be a future design faux pas, no matter how pretty it is now.
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