7 Benefits of Mosaic Tiles for Floors vs. Hardwood: Is It Right for You?

7 Benefits of Mosaic Tiles for Floors vs. Hardwood: Is It Right for You?

Many older homes come with hardwood floors that show all the nicks and scratches of daily living. It's this lack of durability and functionality in the home that makes homeowners think twice about getting wood floors, even when cost is not a factor in their decision. Plus, there is no comparison between how easily a tile floor is to customize, versus a wood floor. The design limits, I believe are endless with mosaics, unlike wood. When considering the differences between mosaic tiles vs hardwood floors, consider the following benefits of mosaic tiles.

1. Well-Suited to Harsh Environments

Whether it is in a moist bathroom or spill-prone kitchen, mosaic tiles wins hands down. When you spill something on a hardwood floor, you have to make sure you wipe it up quickly to avoid water stains. However, what happens when you aren't there and the tub overflows or the water hose to the ice dispenser bursts?

Mosaic tile floors are highly functional when it comes to harsh environments found in certain rooms in your home. Their ability to withstand excessive moisture, light, and heat is because tiles made of marble and rock were already subjected to high pressure and heat, as limestone or dolomite, in order to form marble in their quarries in the first place. That's also how marble gets it's beautiful veins and coloring.

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2. Tile Lasts Longer Than Wood

Wood floors tend to get banged up with nicks and scratches. They also tend to get dull over time when not properly maintained. A tile floor lasts a very long itme, in much better condition than wood, even when covered with mountains of ash, like an example from Pompeii shows.

When you put in a tile floor, it's basically beautiful almost forever.

3. Tile Is Harder Than Wood

It won't get dents in it, when you drop something heavy on it, like wood does. It makes it much more durable for everyday wear and tear with a bustling family. It's not easily damaged. You could use your kitchen's tile floors for years and they can still look like new with a simple polish.

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4. Tile Can Be Less Expensive Than Wood

Luxury homeowners can actually splurge a little more on mosaic tile, if they use the same budget they would need for wood floors.

Wood flooring can be far more expensive, meaning it can limit where you put it in your home. For the same amount, you can put in more mosaic tile floors in more rooms. If you really like the look of wood, there are even tile floors that mimic the look of wood at only a fraction of the cost.

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5. Can Be Used With Radiant Heating Technology

For a few hundred dollars more, you can opt to put radiant heating under your tile floors for those cold winter mornings. Then, when it gets hot outside again, you'll have the option to still have the cool feel of tile during the warmer seasons. That's the best of both worlds.

Imagine a checker board or basketweave pattern with radiant heating underneath. Divine!

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6. Ease of Maintenance

Did you know that even sunlight can discolor your wood floors over time? If you put carpets down in a home over wood floors, you may even begin to see a shade of difference unless you move your small carpets around. But, if you use a tile floor with a rug pattern, you don't have to fuss with it at all.

Also, as discussed earlier, you had better hope to spot all the leaks that end up on the floor, or you'll end up having unsightly water stains. Tile floors can be swept clean and polished occasionally to keep them in good condition, without fear of discoloring or water stains. Custom Trellis Mosaic - View Details / Get Quote »

7. Tile Mosaic Floors Are Highly Customizable

The ability to create any design or pattern that is in your imagination is easily done with mosaic floors. Water jet designs can even accommodate swirling curves without much extra effort to create beautiful spiraling designs that would be impossible with a wood floor.

Out of all the benefits of mosaic tiles, this one is the one that is the best, in my opinion. Mosaic tile floors do well in an Asian-inspired bathroom as much as a futuristic modern home. They can create abstract art or even mimic old Tuscan designs. The ability to customize the design means that your home or business ends up making a one-of-a-kind statement that others can't easily duplicate. Louvre Eathane Scroll Floor Mosaic Louvre Eathane Scroll Floor Mosaic - View Details / Get Quote »

Mosaic Tiles Vs Hardwood Floors: Which Would You Choose?

Now, that I've discussed the benefits, would you opt for a mosaic tile floor over hardwoods? I know that I would! If you are the type of person who enjoys highly functional, beautiful, artwork on your floors, there is no comparison between mosaics and hardwood floors. Hardwood floors can be a good backdrop for a standard mass-produced high-end home, but they don't make the custom statement needed in custom luxury homes like when you opt for a mosaic tile floor. Add a little extra with radiant heating, and you have not only a work of art, but also one that keeps you toasty warm in the winter and cool in the summer. What benefit do you think would make you choose mosaic tile floors in your next project? Which did you think was the best reason to choose a tile floor? Discuss it with your friends and followers by liking and sharing this article online. Leave a comment below to add your own favorite reason you chose a tile floor over wood and why you would recommend others to do so as well.
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