Best Mosaic Tile for Shower Floors

What Are the Best Mosaic Tile for Shower Floors? We'll Show You!

The best mosaic tile for shower floors share certain characteristics: ease of maintenance, some gripping texture, and plenty of design star power. The fact is that porcelain mosaic tile for shower floors are the most common tile because they are superstars in each of these categories. While glass may be showstoppers for bathroom walls, glass mosaic tile for tile floors tends to be slippery when wet, and thus mostly used as accents for shower floors. Stone tiles can have some gripping power for bare feet, and no one will argue that they are stunning, but they do require more maintenance than ceramic tile. That doesn’t stop luxury homeowners from favoring this material because marble mosaic tile for shower floors and other stone can be sealed every few months to keep it looking good indefinitely. The look and feel of cool marble is enough to compensate for the extra effort. Here are the best tiles you can use for your shower or bath floor.


#1 Spell-Binding Porcelain Patterns

Porcelain and ceramic tile offer so many different design possibilities, but my favorites are repeating patterns because they are soothing and classic. They also can add a little textural relief, like when you use a basketweave throughout the bathroom, including the shower stall, like in this deliciously hypnotizing design.

Floor mosaic patterns can be as subtle as repeating square mosaics in different shades and still have that calming effect that is so important in a home spa.  

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#2 Surprising Mosaic Materials

Everyone expects the normal marble or glass tiles, but are pleasantly delighted with a pebble mosaic floor that looks like someone spent hours putting in one stone at a time. The rough relief is charmingly rustic. It gives the illusion of being out on a beach somewhere instead of just lounging in your bathroom in some urban retreat. 

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#3 Elegant, Contrasting, White and Dark Designs

Dark glass mosaic tile for shower floor offers more luminosity and depth than dark ceramic or porcelain tile. Glass tiles can also be done in deep blues and greens, which are near black in color. This can provide a fresh modern palette for a black and white design. If you find you are in love with the dark glass tile, don’t be afraid to use it more than sparingly, too. This design uses the best mosaic tile for shower floors by combining ceramic white tile on the floors with a blue and gray glass on the walls. 

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#4 Built-In Textural Tile Relief

To increase the texture on a marble or stone floor, it’s often preferable to make the design from multiple tiny stone pieces, rather than large tiles. This mosaic not only gives you the classic look and feel of marble or other stone, but you don’t have to worry about slipping on it as much when it is wet. It also provides you with limitless design possibilities. Here you see it used to create a fish mosaic, but your imagination is the limit when using stone mosaics in the shower floor.  

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#5 Dramatic Tiles

If you really like the look of large stone tiles, you can still use them in the shower or bathing stall. Marble mosaic tile for shower floors are dramatic and beautiful and can be used by themselves or in combination with ceramics or glass. Some people prefer the best of both worlds and combine stone mosaics with a border created from larger pieces of stone. This can create a throw rug effect that is intriguing and functional too. Take a look at how this luxury homeowner used Univo stone mosaics with larger more dramatic tiles bordering the edges.  

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#6 Popular, Retro, Styles

Everyone can recall the hexagonal tiles common to many old school designs. They were very utilitarian, providing maximum grip while looking soothingly similar. Today’s designs may look the same, but often they are upgraded with radiant floor heating too. There’s no reason you can’t include the same look in modern takes on an old favorites. Look up retro styles from the past for inspiration and update them in your imagination with other choices from different sizes, color schemes, or materials. Here the hexagonal tiles are paired with grey wall tiles and white accents around the bathroom plus framed mirrors. 

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#7 Abstract Works of Art

You don’t necessarily have to use designs from the past or even one that is commercially available. With waterjet design, it’s possible to create intricate abstract designs that combine curves and squares in unusual abstract forms. These can be just the thing to set your bathroom apart and give you a modern twist that is a one-of-a-kind design statement. For inspiration on your next possible home design, take a look at this modern masterpiece.  

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Why You Should Pay Close Attention to Your Shower Stall Design

I hope you’ve figured out that the best mosaic tile for shower floors is the one that you fall in love with and want to include in your shower design. It can calm a busy mind with patterns and subtle color themes. It can delight your senses when you step in and feel that interesting relief that comes with unusual designs or materials. It can surprise you when you step into the shower stall and see that hidden design element and go “Wow!” It can create high drama and mystery that people find unique. It can also be a place where you get to show off your personal style to a captive audience. If you were going to design a new shower or bathroom floor, what would you include in your design? Would you choose one of the options I’ve listed here? Is there anything missing from the list? Be sure to contact us for a free consultation or to get a quote if you’d us to create a beautiful tile mosaic in your bathroom!
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