What Are the Best Tiles for Entryways?

What Are the Best Tiles for Entryways?

Entryways take a beating. From muddy boots to wet umbrellas, there's always something tracking dirt or moisture across your floors. Couple that with the constant back and forth of traffic going in and out of the door, and it's clear that this part of your home has it rough.

The flooring material that you choose for your entryway can make all the difference in how it handles being a well-trafficked area. The best tiles for entryways are ones that hold up to the challenge of dirt and puddles while still managing to look fantastic day in and day out.


Expect a Wet Mess

When you come inside on a rainy day, the rain has a tendency to come with you. From soaked shoes to sopping jackets and drippy umbrellas, there are plenty of ways for the outdoor weather to find its way into your foyer.

Where do those puddles often end up? On your floor, of course! Because this problem is so inevitable, it's only logical to plan for it when picking out entryway tiles. The best choices will be ones that you can easily wipe down every time that they get wet.

If you choose smooth natural stone for your entryway tile, you'll find it easy to run a soft mop over the surface whenever it gets wet. Sealing stone tiles, such as the diamond-patterned limestone in the foyer below, will help protect the material from moisture damage.

Diamond Tile - View Details>>


Go for Grip

Wet floors are often slippery floors, but that's not what you want for your foyer. Neither you nor your guests should slip-slide around as soon as you walk in the house on a rainy day. To prevent that, you need a flooring material that will help you maintain your footing.

Slate is often recommended for stone floors with traction, particularly if you choose tiles that retain some of their natural texture. Polished varieties are available as well, and you can discuss with your tile company which styles will provide the non-slip surface you need.

Doesn't this back entryway look like an inviting place to come in and take off your rainboots without fear of slipping?

Basketweave Tile - View Details>>


Hide the Dirt

Rain isn't the only thing that you can expect to have tracked through your foyer. There's sure to be dirt as well. Although clean floors are ideal, sometimes you need a flooring material that can hide some of the dust and smudges for a bit.

Dirt tends to stand out on light surfaces, so consider darker tiles for your entryway. Pair the tiles with a dark grout, which will camouflage all sorts of muddy tracks until you can wipe them away.

Another tip for hiding dirt is to use small patterned tiles, like cobbled stone. The variation will help your eyes look right past any foreign marks.

This bathroom features both small patterns and dark colors. It's so beautiful that you'll want to keep it in top shape, but you also won't fret if you can't get to every smudge right away, and can very easily be fitting into your entryway or foyer.

Floor Medallion - View Details>>


Prioritize Durability

In a busy household, the foyer hardly ever gets a break. There's always someone coming or going. You need a rugged material that can stand up to all that traffic.

Natural stone tiles offer great durability. After all, these materials have existed in the wilderness for millennia. Surely they can stand up to the rigors of your home.

Travertine and slate are just two of the many beautiful stone materials that could work well in your entryway. Limestone is another stunning choice. The spacious foyer below features a patterned floor in multiple shades of limestone.

Stone and Metal Waterjet Tile - View Details>>

You could also consider marble flooring for your entryway. Not only is it a classic choice, but it's also a somewhat harder material than limestone, which can make it even more durable.

Checkerboard Mosaic - View Details>>


Make a Statement

The entryway may be a small space, but it can leave a large impression. Sometimes, having only a limited amount of space to work with can grant you a sense of permission to go big and bold with your decorating. The foyer can be an ideal spot to really make a splash.

Ideas to achieve this goal include using bright, colorful tiles or can't-miss geometric designs. The tiles below may lend you inspiration.

Another idea is to install a large floor medallion that covers much of the space. These intricate designs are sure to make an eye-catching statement.

Tapeti Lofer Waterjet Medallion

Waterjet Medallion - View Details>>


Capture Your Style

Above all, your entryway should serve as a snapshot of your home. As soon as guests step in the door, they should get a feel for your decorating style and have an idea of what to expect as they move into the rest of the house.

No matter what your style, you can find entryway tiles that will complement it and give your visitors a taste of the personality that they'll find throughout your home.

For example, you may prefer traditional looks. In that case, you'd do well to select an intricate mosaic rug featuring classic motifs.

Waterjet Medallions - View Details>>

If your home has a more modern feel, you might prefer a striking graphic, abstract design, such as the one shown below.

Abstract Tile - View Details>>

You can create an entryway that's both beautiful and hardworking. Tiles made from travertine, limestone, slate, marble or other natural stones will serve your family well for years to come. By choosing the best tiles for entryways, you'll set the stage for an elegant house to which you're eager to welcome guests.

To further explore the best tiles for your foyer, reach out to the expert tile artisans at Artsaics.

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