The 6 Best Tiles for Farmhouse-style Homes

The 6 Best Tiles for Farmhouse-style Homes

Farmhouse style is a popular aesthetic for contemporary houses. Homeowners gravitate toward this look to create living spaces that are both beautiful and comfortable. Farmhouse decor feels warm and inviting.

As you plan a farmhouse redecorating project, consider the ways that tile could help you achieve the desired look. To get started, take inspiration from this guide to the best tiles for farmhouse-style homes.


1. White Palette

The main color in most farmhouse homes is white. You may find shades of white all over the house, from the walls to the furniture.

A white color palette has long been popular in the classic farmhouse style that’s been around for years. It’s also a staple in the more recent trend toward modern farmhouse decor. To learn more about the modern farmhouse look, spend some time watching the following video:

There are countless options for white tiles, so you should have no trouble finding a few varieties that strike your fancy. Whether you’d prefer classic or modern farmhouse decor, check out Afyon White marble. This white stone has just the slightest hints of gray veining.

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2. Light Neutrals

While white is the main color in farmhouse homes, you can bring in other hues, too. Designers often turn to light shades of neutrals like tan and gray. These colors are earthy, and they also coordinate nicely with the natural woods that are popular in farmhouse decor.

Opal from the Piedmont line is a gray mosaic pattern that might add visual interest to your home design.

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3. Outdoor Colors

Although white and light neutrals are key to any farmhouse room, some of the best tiles for farmhouse-style homes feature rich colors.

Keep in mind, though, that farmhouse style aims for a very natural feel. You’ll want to convey a sense of being connected to the land. When including pops of color in your design, then, it makes sense to choose shades that you could find in nature.

Think of the blue of a clear sky and the green of spring grass. You could also aim for the yellow of fresh butter or the warm red of a poppy. Those shades feel warm and familiar.

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While you might not want to use those bright colors throughout your house, they provide a stunning way to draw attention to an accent area, such as the fireplace surround or the kitchen backsplash.


4. Herringbone Layouts

The reliable repetition of a herringbone pattern fits right into a farmhouse decor scheme. This look is sometimes referred to as a “broken zigzag” because of the back-and-forth pattern of the rectangular sections. You’ll often find it inlaid in wooden farmhouse tabletops.

Of course, tiles are another great way to incorporate a herringbone look in your home. The style could be a warm addition to the walls or the floors. Consider it for your shower surround, your kitchen backsplash or your entryway floor.

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5. Kitschy Patterns

Farmhouse style is often infused with knick-knacks, antiques, and other odds and ends. You can play on that look by including unique tiles here and there throughout your home.

While farmhouse design often emphasizes clean lines, patterned tiles are a great place to introduce playful curves, bold geometrics or floral motifs. The designs can use neutral or colorful palettes.

Keep in mind that farmhouse decorating doesn’t rely on maintaining uniformity throughout every room. You can place a fun pattern in just one area without feeling any pressure to use it elsewhere. You can even mix and match patterns if you’d like.

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6. Wood-look Tiles

Wood elements add a rustic touch to farmhouse-style homes. This natural material makes its way into furniture, countertops, mantles, trim and more.

There’s a secret that you should know about wood looks, though: You don’t need real wood to accomplish them! You can also use tiles that mimic the appearance of natural timber.

It’s common to use these tiles as a floor covering. They could make a great addition to your kitchen or bathroom, especially since tile is often more water-resistant than wood.


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Tiles for Your Farmhouse Home

Is farmhouse-style decor the right choice for your next home design project? If so, be sure to select a variety of tiles to help you accomplish the look. From white walls to patterned accents, there are countless uses for tile in your farmhouse decorating.

Of course, you don’t have to do it alone. For help in selecting the best tiles for farmhouse-style homes, reach out to Artsaics. Our experts will help you plan and design the best tile looks for your renovation.

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