The 7 Best Tiles for Hamptons-style Homes

The 7 Best Tiles for Hamptons-style Homes

Are you looking to create an upscale yet laid-back vibe in your home? Hamptons style might be the right decorating approach for you. Choosing the right tiles could be the key to bringing your Hamptons vision to life. Check out the best tiles for Hamptons-style homes so that you can make a plan for your next redecorating project.


What Is Hamptons Style?

This take on interior decorating gets its name from the region of New York where it first developed: the Hamptons area of Long Island.

In the latter half of the 1800s, well-to-do New Yorkers began escaping to Long Island for summer refreshment along the coast. With them came a new style that focused on simple design, casual luxury and a beachy feel.

Popular elements of Hamptons decorating include:

  • Whites and creams as the primary color palette
  • Additional pastels, such as gray, pale green and soft blue, used as well
  • Accents in navy, black or nickel
  • Gauzy or natural fabrics
  • Wood flooring or furniture — either painted with a wash or left dark
  • Tall furniture and decorative items, such as mirrors, vases or plants
  • Spacious, inviting sofas for lounging
  • Big windows to let in plenty of natural light
  • Pendant light fixtures


Best Tiles for Hamptons-style Homes

If you’re ready to bring the beachy feel into your home, it’s time to start shopping for the right tiles for creating this look.


1. Marble Floor Tile

Elegant marble is just what Hamptons-style homes need across their floors. By using this material from room to room, you can create a unified look throughout the main level of your house.

White marble with soft gray veining is the perfect neutral backdrop for many Hamptons-style homes. Give Bianco Dolomite a try if you want to keep the gray to a minimum, or opt for Bianco Venatino if you want the veins to be a bit more pronounced.

Geometric Waterjet Tile - View Details>>

Marble floor tiles could also allow you to incorporate some of the blue and green accents that are popular in Hamptons decorating. Alba Chiarro is an excellent example.

For help in selecting the best tiles for Hamptons-style homes,. We’ll point you toward the right tiles to suit the coastal look you have in mind. 

Basket Weave Tile - View Details>>


2. Plank Flooring

For those looking for a flooring style other than white marble, long timber planks are a popular Hamptons choice. You can create a similar feel using tile instead. Give it a try with Light Emperador plank tiles, which are available in narrow strips up to 12 inches long. Dark Emperador is an alternative option for anyone who wants to embrace the Hamptons’ preference for dark timber.

Lt. Emperador Plank Floor Field Tile - View Details>>


3. Subway Tile Backsplash

Seeing that New Yorkers were the originators of Hampton decorating, it may come as no surprise that subway tiles often make their way into this style. White subway rectangles are just right for bringing a light, airy look to Hamptons kitchens. As a backsplash, they add simple visual interest as well as easy-clean protection for the walls.

Cherry Blossom Tile - View Details>>


4. Herringbone Tiles

Another popular Hamptons tile option for kitchen backsplashes is herringbone-pattern tiles. This look is also ideal for bathroom walls, especially in the shower. Tiles from the Blanch line are great for this purpose. Top styles to consider include Sabba, Jad and Alchof.

Herringbone Tile - View Details>>


5. Pastel Colors

Remember that white and gray aren’t the only acceptable colors to use in your Hamptons-style home. Soft blues and greens are a great way to add color to your decor while sticking with the beachy theme. If you’re looking for a mosaic tile that nails this mix of shades, try Stillness from the Providence line, Splendor from the Soho collection or Glacier from the Urbani line.

Stone Tile - View Details>> 


6. Pattern Additions

While many Hamptons-feel homes stick with solid-color tiles, you can use patterns in this decor scheme, too. To pick out a pattern for your Hamptons decor, look for clean lines, geometric designs and simple color schemes.

This is where your individual tastes can really shine, but the Curv Waterjet collection is a great place to start browsing for ideas. A few options to consider are Anolla and Helly.

Arabesque Tile - View Details>>


7. Outdoor Tiles

Remember, Hamptons decorating is all about that seaside life. As such, it’s great to have both indoor and outdoor spaces for lounging. On your front porch or back patio, you’ll want to use tiles that can hold up to weather and walking. Natural stone, such as slate, marble or travertine, can be a great choice.

To really play up the Hamptons look, pair the tile floor with cane or wicker patio furniture. Don’t forget to add a durable sisal or cotton indoor-outdoor rug as well.

Outdoor Tile - View Details>>


Your Hamptons-style Home

Whether you live along the shore or far away, you can bring a beachy style to your decorating. Hamptons decor is all about comfortable, casual living with a touch of luxury. By emphasizing light colors, simple patterns and natural designs, you can make the Hamptons style come to life in your home.

For help in selecting the best tiles for Hamptons-style homes, turn to Artsaics. We’ll point you toward the right tiles to suit the coastal look you have in mind.

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