Here Are The 11 Best Tiles for Large Rooms

Here Are The 11 Best Tiles for Large Rooms

A big house with spacious rooms is a wonderful thing to have — until it comes time to lay new tiles. Then, you might wonder what shapes, colors and layouts will work well across the vast expanse of your floors.

Don’t worry… With a little guidance, picking the best tiles for large rooms can be quite easy!


1. Large Slabs

If you have a big floor, why not cover it with big tiles? The bigger your tiles are, the more expansive it can make your room feel. When tiles are small, there are many grout lines crisscrossing the floor. Large-format tiles don’t need as much grout, so the floor looks smoother and wider.

To achieve this in your home, shop for tiles that are 12-inch squares or larger.

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2. Bold Medallions

Make your large floor memorable. A noteworthy floor medallion is sure to leave an impression on your guests.

A medallion is like a centerpiece for your floor. Precisely cut pieces fit together to form an intricate circular design. These features are often created with cut wood, but you can achieve the look with water-jet tiles too.

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3. Trusty Squares

You don’t have to go wild with your tile design just because you have a spacious room. It’s fine to rely on an old standby, such as basic squares.

Reliable square tiles provide a supportive backdrop for your room design. When the floor is kept simple and elegant, that allows other elements to shine. For example, a square-tile floor would pair well with a detailed wall mosaic.

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4. Rug Design

Many homeowners cover their large floors with rugs. Unfortunately, rugs can bunch up, attract dirt or become matted. You can achieve a similar look — in an easy-care format — with tiles.

To do it, create a tile border around the outer edge of the room. Inside the border, lay a repeating tile pattern. Small mosaic tiles can be great for creating a design that resembles that of an ornamental rug.

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5. Repeating Shapes

Large floors can handle bold designs. But to keep the look from being overwhelming, aim for repetition in your arrangement. Repetition gives rooms a sense of steadiness and stability.

Geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, and hexagons lend themselves well to repetition. You can easily line them up to create a predictable pattern that spans the length of a large room.

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6. Neutral Colors

When picking out the best tiles for large rooms, you may want to lean toward neutral colors. With neutrals as the foundation, you can do nearly anything you’d like with the rest of the decor. If you want to entirely switch up the wall shade or upholstery design, you won’t be limited by the color of the floor tiles.

Black and white are two of the most common neutrals. Other options include gray, beige and cream.

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7. Subtle Patterns

Large-format tiles are common in big rooms. But with the right design, small tiles will work as well.

One pro tip is to keep the pattern fairly simple. Busy patterns may be a bit too much in a huge room. On the other hand, basic shapes, neutral colors and repeating designs will give the room a grounded feel.

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8. Room Tie-ins

Perhaps you want a tile pattern that’s a little bit bold or funky. If so, make sure it connects with the other elements of your room for a balanced, unified design.

One tip is to pick colors that coordinate with the other decor in your room. Another is to choose shapes that are seen elsewhere in the room. For example, the slanted corners in your tile pattern may reflect the angled lines of your chair backs.

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9. Classic Checkers

Why not choose an old favorite for your large room? Black and white checkerboards have been a top choice for centuries.

This classic design relies on basic shapes and colors. For that reason, it fits incredibly well with a number of design styles. Whether you’re a fan of modern looks or prefer traditional decor, a checkerboard floor could work for you.

Find checkerboard inspiration here:

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10. Intricate Mosaics

Tile design is an art. A wide floor provides an incredible canvas on which to show off tile artisans' work.

Mosaics are an especially beautiful form of tile art. Using hand-cut or water-jet tiles, artisans can fit together an incredibly detailed design. Your floor will be a one-of-a-kind work of art.

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11. Incomparable Designs

Your design doesn’t have to follow any of these guidelines for the best tiles for large rooms. If you want to do something totally different, go for it.

Your preferred design might feature bright colors, bold patterns or irregular shapes. It’s your home and the choice is up to you. Make your decision with confidence, knowing that you’re choosing a design that reflects your tastes and personality.

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Natural Stone Tiles for Large Rooms

No matter what shape and size tile you pick, your large room deserves the best. When it comes to flooring, the best material you can pick is natural stone tile. Stone is durable and relatively easy to care for. It’s an investment that will serve you well for years to come.

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Plus, natural stones like marble, travertine and slate are absolutely beautiful. They’re available in a range of colors, and each piece boasts its own unique character.

To learn more about how natural stone makes the best tiles for large rooms, contact Artsaics.

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