5 Calacatta Tile Ideas That Are Absolutely Perfect for Your Redesign

5 Calacatta Tile Ideas That Are Absolutely Perfect for Your Redesign

Nothing speaks luxury like marble, but the king of marbles is definitely Calacatta. When I want to make a grand impression in an entryway or bathroom, I always turn to Calacatta tile designs. Calacatta tile patterns are unique and very sought after because they are quarried in one spot on the planet only. Calacatta marble has bold, striking, veins against a very white background, which makes it ideal to use in Calacatta tile ideas that are modern and fresh. Learn more about this precious material and how to use in in your next redesign by looking through the list of perfect design possibilities we have created using Calacatta marble.


1. Pair It with Marble Medallions

You don’t have to own a hotel to pair medallions with Calacatta marble tiles. One room in the high-end home that is perfect for both is the bathroom. The easy-to-clean surface makes it ideal for wet environments and the Calacatta tile patterns provide instant drama that is heightened with a medallion inlay, like in this design. 

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2. Explore New Tile Shapes

Most people think of long expanses of rectangular pieces when they think of marble tile. However, you can actually get even more interesting Calacatta tile designs when you are open to new shapes and sizes. This tile design makes use of large squares of Calacatta tile clipped on the end to create an octagonal shape that is perfect for diamond black marble pieces to be added at each corner.

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3. Go Formal with Black and White

Like the little black dress or the luxury black tuxedo with white dress shirt, the best formal patterns come in black and white. Calacatta tile projects in black and white are particularly elegant due to the bold black veins that lie against a very white background. This type of tile is truly different than other marbles, like Carrara marble. Even though the two are sometimes confused due to the fact that the one place Calacatta tile is found is Carrara, Italy, they really have two very different looks. Carrara marble tile has feathery black veins against a gray background, whereas only Calacatta tile has the truly white background. In fact, the white the background, the more precious the quality. It’s perfect for a grand entryway in a home or hotel.

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4. Warm It Up with Gold Tones

Don’t think that Calacatta tile has no warm tones, though. Calacatta Gold tiles can create striking, but warm, designs in the kitchen where a warm glow heightens a welcoming ambiance. The veins are no longer solely black, but has gold tones within it. Pair it with copper or gold metal accents in the kitchen redesign for a truly modern twist on an ancient stone. Use it in wide swatches of distinctive taste as a bar top, countertops, or kitchen island top. It not only makes an impressive statement, but is also highly functional for rolling out dough or putting down a chilled cheese tray as it is often naturally cool to the touch. Calacatta tile is a natural for high-rise apartments in New York as they are for a luxury estate in Los Angeles, California. See how this luxury apartment owner utilized it in their kitchen design. However, it also works well in luxury bathrooms where a touch of gold undertones creates a royal space.

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5. Combine It with Other Materials

Marble accents can go a long way towards upgrading a space. If large expanses of marble aren’t to your liking, there’s no reason you can’t start small with a few accents around the kitchen, bathroom, or even in your commercial establishments. Consider a kitchen backsplash or even a partial countertop of marble, inlaid with other types of mosaic tile for the rest. Use it as a fireplace surround combined with Carrara marble tiles or other stone tiles. Take a look at how to combine marble successfully in your next remodeling project by taking a look at how this homeowner used Calacatta tile to outline mosaic tiles to create a “tile rug” in their luxury bathroom.  

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Distinctive Designs with Calacatta Tile

Did any of these Calacatta tile ideas strike your fancy? If so, which one? Comment below to let us know. I think my favorite is the formal black and white floor that beckons the arriving visitor to explore further the opulent surroundings. Whatever your choice, you can count on Calacatta tile to create enduring, tasteful, designs that remain timeless and beautiful. You can use it in black and white designs or opt for the warm gold undertones to make your kitchen or bathroom glow with warmth and character. It's highly functional, being impervious to water and easy-to-clean. It is incredibly durable for high-traffic areas like floors and entryways. If you agree that this is a one-of-a-kind way to make a huge impression, even if you only use it in small accents, then like and share this content with your friends and followers.
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