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8 Classic Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen Redesign

You're in the market for a kitchen redesign, and you have a traditional decor style in mind. Mosaic tiles are just what you need for bringing your classic renovation ideas to life. By lining your walls with hand-laid tiles, you can design a kitchen that's both beautiful and functional.

Use the eight classic backsplash ideas below to inspire your redecorating process.


1. Feature a Landscape Painting

You may already have an assortment of landscape paintings throughout your home — in the office, the living room, the bedroom or the hallway. Why not use a similar decor element in your kitchen?

A framed painting might look nice in your kitchen, but there's a more practical approach to incorporating art into your cooking space. Hand-painted tile backsplashes add beauty to your room while also protecting your wall from splashes and splatters. As an example, the kitchen below features tile mural with a rustic Italian scene from the Pietre Arte collection.

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2. Reflect Classical Art

Mosaic designs were popular in both Greek and Roman art. The medium was used for creating pictures of people, animals, plants, geometric designs and more. If you're aiming for a traditional look in your home, then consider including mosaics that hearken back to the Classical Age.

Baskets of fruit or flowers were popular in mosaics from that era, and they're still popular today. As you can see in the image below, the natural shape of such an arrangement is just right for filling the space above the range. Plus, a mix of fruits and blossoms can be a great way to include multiple colors in your kitchen design.

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3. Employ a Repeating Pattern

Although lush landscapes and fruit baskets are beautiful, you may want a more subtle design for your backsplash. Tile is a versatile medium that works for both intricate murals and simple backgrounds.

Of course, simple doesn't have to mean to boring. For a low-key design that doesn't skimp on visual interest, use a repeating pattern throughout your backsplash. In this kitchen, for example, white flowers placed at regular intervals lend a sense of harmony to the backsplash.

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4. Use an Overall Pattern

A photo taped to the wall might look out of place, but an over all pattern can help anchor the its surroundings. Whether the design inside is elaborate or simple, placing an overall pattern around the backsplash serves as focal point that won't take away from the room.

The tiles should be distinctive in their design while still coordinating with the rest of the room. In this example, although the studs are repeated throughout the kitchen, the backsplash is the only spot where they're placed on an arrangement.

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5. Create a Unified Decor Theme

The border example above lends itself well to an additional principle: creating unity. Your backsplash should be just one part of a unified kitchen theme. It's good for the design to stand out, but not to the point that it clashes with the rest of your decor.

Take the kitchen below as an example. The scrolling design of the backsplash ties in with the similar patterns on the hood and the cabinets. The intricate details work in harmony with the room's elaborate molding.

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6. Direct Eyes Toward the Center

Sometimes, all your backsplash needs are a few little touches to transform it from a humdrum blank space to an integral part of your kitchen decor. When possible, use small elements to draw viewers' eyes toward the center of your backsplash.

Here, the backsplash design is simple and straightforward. The tiles, although turned at an angle, are identical to the ones around it. The addition of four leafy elements in the corners, however, pulls your attention right to the center of the backsplash.

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7. Remember the Kitchen's Purpose

Your kitchen serves as a gathering place, a homework spot and a storage space. Above all, though, it's a place for preparing and enjoying food. Consider installing a backsplash that reflects this theme.

Tile murals serve as an ideal medium for still life artwork. For your kitchen, what better still life theme could there be than an arrangement of delicious foods? The mosaic below, taken from the Cucina collection, includes an arrangement of foods from the Mediterranean world: fruit, grain, bread, wine, fish and oil. Your kitchen's food-themed mural could reflect similar items or some of your favorite ingredients.

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8. Transport Yourself to a Peaceful Place

Would you rather feel stressed or relaxed while working in the kitchen? Relaxation is probably more appealing, but combining ingredients and timing dishes can be stressful. Sometimes, you may need a bit of kitchen stress relief. Studies have shown that spending time in nature can help bring down your stress level. Even just looking at a picture of green plants may help you feel calmer and less anxious. With that in mind, a mural that features plant life may be one of your top choices for a backsplash design.

Take the following kitchen, for example. Just one look at this mural, a beautiful scene from the Glow collection, can provide an instant sense of peace.

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You may decide to use one of these classic backsplash ideas as the focal point of your next kitchen redesign. Tile murals and mosaics can add color, beauty and even functionality to your decor. To learn more about your options for a custom backsplash, reach out to Artsaics' tile artisans.

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