The 7 Benefits of Cut to Size Tiles

The 7 Benefits of Cut to Size Tiles

You could go to the hardware store and pick up boxes of prefabricated tiles for your next project. They might not be exactly the size and shape you have in mind, but perhaps you think that making do is your only option.

You don’t need to settle for poorly fitting tiles. Rather, there’s a far superior option available. Tile artisans can provide you with cut to size tiles that will perfectly fit your home.

Precision cutting will give your house a professional, polished look that simply can’t be replicated with off-the-shelf products.

1. Fit Tiles to Your Space

Tiles often come in straightforward sizes, such as 4-inch squares. Room dimensions don’t always align with that size, though. It would be pretty surprising if your room’s measurements were exactly a multiple of four in both directions.

When your tiles don’t perfectly line up with the size of your room, cutting is in order. A tile company that offers cutting services can produce pieces that are precisely the right length or width.

You may find that cut to size tiles are essential in many places throughout your home. Examples include:

  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Steps
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Countertops
  • Backsplashes
  • Bathtub panels
  • Pool decks and bottoms

There’s no limit to where custom-cut tiles could be used in your home. If you have a project that requires special shapes or sizes, then you’ll find cutting services invaluable.

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2. Give Your Home a Custom Look

Your house is your personal space. You’re an individual, and your home should reflect that. It doesn’t need to be a cookie-cutter twin of anyone else’s house.

Sometimes, that means you’ll need tiles in a different size than anyone else. Cut to size tiles can produce the look that you need. It’s an easy way to make sure that your home has exactly the look you’re going for.


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3. Add Visual Interest

For something different, you might want to have a rounded cut on some tiles. Rounded corners can add softness to a design. A rounded shape can be achieved with custom cutting.

You might want to use this idea for the corners of your tile fireplace hearth or around your kitchen island. Another suggestion is to round the corners of your tile backsplash.

Perhaps you don’t want curved corners, but you also don’t want a basic rectangular design. Once again, cut tiles can fit the bill. With straight-line cuts across a few corners, you can turn a rectangular arrangement into a hexagonal or octagonal one.

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4. Fit Tiles Together

Sometimes, two tiles meet at a corner. Bevel cuts allow the two edges to fit together just right. To see what a beveled edge looks like.

This type of cut is useful anywhere there’s an external corner. For example, it might come in handy when tiling steps. It can also provide a polished look for tiles that go around the rooms like in photo below.

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5. Use Natural Stone

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are manufactured in specific dimensions. You can cut them smaller, of course, but they always start their lives in a particular size and shape.

Natural stone is different. As the name implies, it’s a natural product. It’s quarried from the earth and harvested in large sections. To get it down to a size that’s practical for your home tiling project, cutting is absolutely required.

Granted, a stone like marble or travertine is likely to have been through a large amount of processing already before it lands in your tile artisan’s hands. Even still, you may need it cut significantly smaller before it’s ready for use in your project. You’ll be glad to have an experienced tile cutter on your side when that time comes.

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6. Create Intricate Mosaics

Artists have been using tile as a creative medium for thousands of years, and the tradition continues today. Mosaic artists arrange tiny tiles to create all sorts of pictures, including florals, fruit baskets, scenery, portraits and more.

Cut to size tiles are ideal for today’s tile artistry. Custom cutting allows creators to have the exact pieces they need for completing a custom work of art. That’s useful for creating even spacing and tidy images.


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7. Branch Out with Tile Shapes

Tile-cutting technology continues to advance. Today, water jet tools allow artisans to create cuts that are more precise than ever. Water jet equipment uses a targeted stream of water to slice through tiles with detailed accuracy.

With water jet technology, cuts aren’t limited to straight lines. In fact, this approach can handle nearly any shape, including intricate curves and twists. As a result, your tile mosaics can be incredibly detailed. The pieces will fit together perfectly.

This type of tile cutting is especially useful for including circular or floral shapes in your tile layouts.

Where Will You Use Cut to Size Tiles?

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In every home, there are countless uses for custom tile shapes and sizes. Carefully cut tiles will give your home a polished feel. It will be clear that you've attended to even the smallest details.

Artsaics is ready to help with your custom tile cutting. Our artisans have expertise in helping customers obtain exactly the tiles they need for every project, and our water jet equipment allows us to handle even the most careful cuts.

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