8 Decorative Shower Tile Designs That Will Inspire You

8 Decorative Shower Tile Designs That Will Inspire You

Basic showers are a dime a dozen, but you can break that pattern with decorative shower tile designs. With a standout pattern, you can create a memorable look for your bathroom. For shower tiles that you'll love, it's smart to choose a design that reflects your tastes and style. The eight shower ideas below can serve as inspiration to help you get started.


1. Continue a Theme Throughout the Room

Your shower is one of the main players in your bathroom, but it's not the only one. To bring all of the room's elements together, find a tile pattern that you can carry throughout the space.

In the bathroom below, green strip tiles help to unite the bathroom design. Small amounts are used as borders along the wall and on the floor. Then, the shower wall takes center stage with two broad walls that highlight the vertical strip tiles.

Linear Tile - View Details>>


2. Partition Off the Shower with a Tiled Wall

While glass or curtains often separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom, you can also block the space off with a solid wall. If such a partition is the first thing that someone is going to notice about your shower, make it an eye-catching one with an attractive tile design.

This bathroom design couples a glass door with a tiled wall that extends all the way to the ceiling. Depending on your bathroom layout, it might also work to have a standalone partition with no glass door necessary.

Bathroom Floor Tile - View Details>>


3. Put Beauty Underfoot

Have you ever spent your shower time looking down at the floor as the water runs over your head and back? If so, you might appreciate having a beautiful image to look at as you relax under the spray.

For example, take a look at the aquatic design on this shower floor. The fish pattern is just right for the wet environment of the shower, and the cool blue colors will provide a sense of calm. In fact, navy blue has been ranked the most mellow color. 

Fish Mosaic - View Details>>


4. Turn the Shower into a Work of Art

Bathrooms are functional, but they can also be beautiful. To turn your bathroom into a picture-perfect space, fill the entire shower wall with a frame-worthy mosaic. A unique work of art will set your bathroom apart from any others on your block, and anyone who visits is sure to remember it.

This bathroom's cherry blossom mural features a natural scene represented in soft, soothing colors. While this particular design is on a different wall of the bathroom rather than in the shower, it could still serve as inspiration for your next shower remodeling project.

Blossom Mosaic - View Details>>


5. Flank the Shower with Two Pillars

For a majestic bathroom look, place a ceiling-height column on either side of your shower door. The design can help draw eyes to the shower and make it the centerpiece of the room.

Take a look at the bathroom below. The marble columns are an impressive complement to the room's high ceiling. Also, the tile patterns throughout the room — for example, the basketweave design on the floor and the diamonds on the shower walls — continue the Carrara marble theme.


Basketweave Mosaic - View Details>>


6. Stick with Basic Shapes

While some showers feature fancy designs, that's not the only way to fashion a shower that you'll truly love. Simple geometric patterns can be just as effective, and they might be a better fit for your personality and decorating tastes or the layout of your room.

Take this bathroom, for example. The long, narrow floor is an ideal place to highlight a bold waterjet pattern. To balance the look, the shower tiles are kept to simple rectangles and large-format squares in a coordinating marble.

Curv Cirus Waterjet Scroll Mosaic

Waterjet Mosaic - View Details>>


7. Create a Focal Point

In any room, it's smart to have a focal point that will draw the attention of anyone who enters the space. For your bathroom focal point, you could place a tile mosaic on the shower wall. This can be an especially good idea if the shower wall that you plan to highlight is directly opposite the bathroom door.

While some people appreciate fish or flower murals, others prefer more abstract or geometric works of art. The shower featured in this image uses a simple rectangular design to make a striking statement, and the multiple borders work to draw your eye inward.

Arabesque Mosaic - View Details>>


8. Give Yourself a View

If you live in a secluded area, why not open up your shower to the outside world? With a broad window in the shower, you can enjoy landscape views while the water washes you clean.

In this bathroom, the tile design highlights the bright window. While most of the shower backsplash employs a muted tile design, there's a bolder, darker pattern that spans the length of the window both above and below the glass.

Basketweave Mosaic - View Details>>


Find Inspiration for Your Shower Design

Whether you like basic shapes or elaborate murals, your bathroom shower can be an elegant work of art that highlights your tastes. One of the eight decorative shower tile designs above may have provided the inspiration you needed for your next bathroom project.

If you need more help brainstorming the right look for your shower, reach out to Artsaics for personalized design support. During a free tile consultation, our artisans will help you identify the shower style that's just right for your home.

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