10 Different Ways to Use Decorative Tiles for Bathrooms

10 Different Ways to Use Decorative Tiles for Bathrooms

When you’re trying to figure out how to add some distinction to your bathroom, turn your attention to creative bathroom tiles.

Tiling can create unique environments for the luxury homeowner that are original in design as they are classy in good taste. They can make use of marble or granite tile for a very royal impression or go more modern, with glass or metal tiles.

They come in an assortment of colors and sizes, making the range of potential ideas limitless. To narrow it down a bit and gather some inspiration for your next luxury bathroom remodel,

I’ve collected a gallery of potential ways to express your creativity with bathroom tiles below.


10 Different Ways Tiles Can Enhance Your Next Bathroom Remodel

In this list, I hope you’ll be able to see that you can take any area of your bathroom and create a relaxation zone that's aesthetically-pleasing with the addition of custom tile. It’s not just about artistry, though, it’s also about functionality. Put tile in where it makes the most sense for water-resistance and heat conduction and overall durability and you can transform a ho-hum utilitarian bathroom into an oasis of pleasure and fun. Wouldn’t you like to see some of these ten ideas in your next bathroom remodel?


1. Shower

Want your own little corner of the Amazon rainforest? Create a shower glen in your bathroom with rainfall showers.

Mosaic Tile - View Details>> 

While the spigots and plumbing will determine whether you get a trickle or a cascade, you’ll be sure to create any atmosphere you want with shower tiles. The tiles can be evocative of natural stones to create that feeling of being out in nature.

Soho Pleasant Strips Mosaic

Shower Tile - View Details>>


2. Decorative Accent & Murals

Any theme is possible! Why not add a nature scene inside your shower, or on your bathroom wall?

Blossom Mosaic - View Details>>

Whether it is a fanciful take on your favorite children’s story or just some bringing nature in with a wall of flowers, you can do it with mosaic tiles.

Floral Tile - View Details>>


3. Accent Walls

Decorative tiles for bathrooms come in many different colors, materials, shapes, and sizes. This make them ideal for creating interesting borders around the bathroom.

Waterjet Patterns - View Details>>

Glass tiles also add some shine and light into less lighted spaces and brighten up the bathroom with a choice of colors that isn’t available with natural stone tiles. You can choose to add a chair rail border, a foot or ceiling border, or get even more creative with a mirror border.

Glass Tile - View Details>>


4. Floor Designs

These entryway designs aren’t just for the entrance to the front door. Floor medallions can stamp your bathroom with regal luxury and create that drama you want to show up in your indoor decorating. You can go for something more contemporary, or celebrate the ancient past with medallions that resemble something you might find in an ancient palace.

Medallions and Murals - View Details>>


5. Tiles with Radiant Floor Heating

Ceramic tiles are rugged and durable enough to withstand and conduct heat beautifully. That’s why they’re perfect for radiant home heating. Find out how you can install radiant home heating with decorative tiles for bathrooms that will delight your guests and family on those cold chilly winter days. It also doesn't hurt that they're incredibly beautiful too.

Photo by Studia 54

Radiant Heating Tile - View Details>>


6. Ceiling

Hang chandeliers in a bathroom and surround it with luxurious ceiling tile.

Louvre Eathane Scroll Floor Mosaic

Floor Mosaic - View Details>>

Ceiling tiling brings the visual line of sight up so that a small, cramped, bathroom looks bigger.


7. Countertops

Bathroom countertops and the backsplash around them are ideal spaces for your bathroom tile ideas. You can put one type of tile on the backsplash, and another on the counter itself.

Mosaic Borders - View Details>>

You can use flat tiles for the countertop to provide a very flat surface and tiny mosaics for the backsplash to give it a more artistic look. Mix and match colors and create a totally custom look.


8. Sinks

Metallic and glass bathroom tile ideas can even encompass the bowls used for your bathroom sink. By using these modern materials, the tiles end up looking like jewels encrusted on the bottom of your sink.

Glass Tile - View Details>>


9. Half-Walled Designs

You don’t have to go with a floor-to-ceiling design to get the stunning effect of using tiles in the bathroom. You can just go up as far up on the wall as the bathtub or to the middle of a window or whatever height you want. This leaves half of the wall for other types of custom treatments, if you so desire.


Abstract Tile - View Details>>



10. Bathtub and Surround

When people think about using tile with modern tub, they usually just think of the surrounding edges. However, to get an even better idea, why not take some cues from the Roman baths? You can use tiles to create a walk-in tub/pool in your bath that is also surrounded with tiles.

A more contemporary take-off on the same concept might use larger tiles and less decorative features, but it’s all up to you on how you design your modern Roman bath.

Bathroom Tile - View Details>>


Tiling Is Perfect for the Bathroom

Ceramic tiles have long been a bathroom favorite, but now luxury homeowners have the choice of using glass, granite, marble, and even metallic tiles to enhance their morning routines. They provide a palette of colors, shapes, and sizes that can make exactly the right statement in your home. You can use them along with other newer technologies, like radiant floor heating and rainfall shower heads, to create something truly spectacular.

Did you like my choices? Are you inspired now? Make a comment or share this article to let us know what you think!

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