What Are the Easiest Tiles to Clean?

What Are the Easiest Tiles to Clean?

Everyone loves a sparkling bathroom or kitchen, but not everyone loves the work it takes to achieve that spic and span look. To give yourself the best chance of keeping your rooms in pristine shape, plan your remodeling project with easy cleaning in mind.

One of the best things you can do during the design process is to pick out the easiest tiles to clean. To help, take a look at the tile sizes, materials and colors that are best for quick and efficient cleaning jobs.


When it comes to easy-care tiles, bigger is better!

One of the most stain-prone parts of any tile floor is the grout. Sandwiched between each tile, lines of grout attract dirt and grime. They can discolor over time, and keeping them in good shape often requires a good deal of elbow grease.

The less grout there is, the less of an issue this will be — and the bigger your tiles are, the fewer grout lines you'll have.

How big should your tiles be if you want to minimize the hassle of caring for grout? That's up to you, really, but large-format tiles are sometimes considered those with measurements greater than 12 inches by 12 inches. That's just a starting point, though.

Many designers today believe that at least one edge must be longer than 15 inches for a tile to qualify as large. You may have the option of tiles in sizes like 12 inches by 24 inches, 24 inches by 48 inches, or 18 inches by 36 inches.

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Although bigger tiles will reduce your grout lines, they can raise the price of a tiling job. There are also some special considerations that must go into installing extra-large tiles. It's best to hire a pro for the job. Plus, that way, you can consult with your designer about striking a balance between affordability and cleaning efficiency.

You can also plan with your tile professional the best width for the grout lines in your room. Of course, narrower grout will reduce your cleaning burden, but you probably can't eliminate the grout entirely. Your designer may recommend a grout width between 1 and 2 millimeters.

If you're still not sure about whether large-format tiles are right for you, check out the following video about the top 10 reasons to choose large tiles:


Just like dirt is prone to accumulate in grout lines, it's also likely to stick in the dips and crevices of a textured surface. For that reason, selecting a smooth material may be another key consideration as you look for the easiest tiles to clean.

Natural stone tiles are often recommended as a top choice for easy sweeping and mopping. Marble and many other types of stone tiles have smooth, glossy surfaces that are easy to wipe down.

Plus, natural stone tiles are usually treated with a layer of sealant. The sealing product helps the stone resist stains and scratches that could mar the look of your floor.

Glazed porcelain or ceramic tiles can be easy to care for as well. The glossy top layer of glaze makes it easy to run a broom or a rag over the surface. Plus, sealed tiles don't readily absorb spills, so a spilled drink or muddy footprints are less likely to leave behind unsightly stains.

Other suitable tile materials for easy cleaning include glass, laminate and some of the smoother styles of vinyl.


The shade of flooring you choose may make an enormous difference in how often you have to clean it. Tiles that are very light or very dark may show every little speck of dirt and dust.

An in-the-middle color will provide more camouflage so that you won't feel compelled to sweep three times a day. While a particular shade is no excuse for avoiding cleaning altogether, it may help you feel more relaxed between tidying sessions.

A medium brown or a cozy gray could be just the thing to hide a bit of debris. Variegated tiles may be even more effective. These colors and styles may also hide stains that would be glaringly obvious on a pale shade of flooring.

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As you're searching for the perfect hue, you may need to keep in mind your pet's hair color. For example, if you have a brown dog, a warm cocoa floor might provide the best hope of hiding some of your pup's inevitable shedding.

Size, Material, Color and Your Home

Are you now in the market for large marble tiles in a comforting shade of smoky gray or mocha brown? Perhaps you're ready for smooth onyx or polished limestone. You may find that any of these beautiful selections can be among the easiest tiles to clean.

Whichever style you'd prefer, turn to Artsaics for guidance. Our artisans can help you select a tile variety with a gorgeous appearance and manageable upkeep. That way, you can spend less time cleaning and more time simply enjoying your incredible tile floor.

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