Top 7 Design Ideas for Stone Tiles

Top 7 Design Ideas for Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles can elevate any home decor. Stone tiles can take the look even further.

In fact, modern techniques are contributing to tile artisans’ ability to create impressive tile design. It used to be that stone designs would be done by hand with simple toolss. These days, artisans use precise equipment to make stone designs.

If you’re intrigued by this concept, check out how to use stone designs in your home project.


1. Use multiple designs.

The patterns on etched stone tiles are often subtle. The etching can be done in a light gray shade that gently stands out from the background color of a neutral tile. Because the color contrast is low-key, you can use a few different patterns without inducing a sense of overwhelm.

If you decide to take this approach, choose patterns from the same design family. The Bordo Antico collection includes a variety of options that you could consider. The kitchen pictured here uses two of them — one for the backsplash and another for the border that runs the length of the counter.

Kitchen Backsplash Tile - View Details>>


2. Create a patchwork design.

Grouping multiple stone designs into one area is an interesting way to dress up your home. Think of it like a patchwork quilt in which each square features a different pattern. Each element stands on its own, but together, they create something even more beautiful.


Mosaic Border - View Details>>


3. Display what you love.

Your home should be a reflection of you. If you have passions, consider showing them off in your decor. Custom tiles could be a great way to go about this. Whether you’re into cooking or gardening, your tile company may be able to use waterjet machines to design a set of tiles that are unique to your home.


Ornamental Tile - View Details>>


5. Create a multi-tile mosaic.

You might have a design that spans multiple tiles in mind. Etching is a creative way to carry a design across a span of tiles. The pieces can be fit together to create one complete work of art.

The home shown here uses this etching idea to create an attractive fireplace surround. To polish off the look, the etched design is framed by two rows of dimensional tiles.

Dimensional Tile - View Details>>


6. Add pops of interest.

When you chose etched stone tiles as part of your decor, they don’t have to be the only element you include, of course. Rather, etched tiles can serve as one piece of your overall design plan.

Using just a few etched squares interspersed among solid tiles could add an element of visual interest to your room. Guests to your home might enjoy keeping their eyes open for the occasional etched design hidden on your walls.

Vine Tile - View Details>>


7. Incorporate florals.

If floral designs are right up your alley, then you might appreciate the artistry available with etched tiles. The laser etching process allows artisans to create intricate, delicate designs. It’s an ideal medium for producing detailed floral images.

Floral Tile - View Details>>


Stone Designs for Your Home

Any house with natural stone tiles could benefit from the addition of etched elements. Whether you’re doing a remodel or a new build, consider adding some etched stone tiles to your interior design. The etchings will be a unique, eye-catching way to develop your design scheme.

Laser etching is the top option for precise design work, but the process calls for an experienced artisan with state-of-the-art equipment. Artsaics can offer that. When you choose Artsaics for your tile product, you can count on unmatched mosaic and etching expertise.

To learn more, schedule your Artsaics consultation today.

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