Glass Tile Mosaics for Pools

8 Beautiful Examples of Glass Tile Mosaics for Pools

When you think of mosaic materials for pools, glass may not be something that comes to mind so readily. However, people in Europe and South America have used glass tile mosaics for pools for over twenty years, and it is seen as a very suitable material that can produce stunning visual and artistic effects in the sunlight and water. There are also glass tiles that are "anti-slip" and can even be used around stairs and even in the outside area of the pool. Glass tends to mimic the look of water, so it makes a perfect artistic complement to your outside fun. Here are a few beautiful examples of how to use this intriguing material in and around your pool.


#1. Start with the Waterline

This is the traditional way North Americans have used glass tiles in pool design, and it still is one of the best ways to start using this exciting material. It isn't going to be underfoot and people in the swimming area still get to enjoy the play of light against the iridescent tiles from numerous vantage points, whether they are swimming or not. Imagine using transparent glass mosaics along this pool edge, instead of this standard beige mosaic waterline, and what a difference they would make from regular stone or ceramic tile. You can get many bright colors that aren't even available in stone to play with at your water's edge when you use glass tile mosaics.  

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#2. Add a Feature Wall

Glass mosaics are highly reflective and help to make the dance of light around your pool seem magical. They also are similarly entrancing at night with the play of moonlight on water and tile. Add a themed feature wall that creates a waterfall like pattern next to the pool with glass mosaics and it expands that theme to a grander height. If you prefer botanicals, you can use mirrored glass tile on your feature wall to give it a contemporary flair. Here is an example of one on a shower wall.  

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#3. Consider Glass Tiles for the Stairs

Dark multicolored glass tiles, instead of the light blue ones, give the pool a more mysterious and calmer mood. They can also make a pool seem deeper than it is. If doing the stairs totally is something you still hesitate to do all in glass tiles, you can still accentuate this lovely feature of a pool by putting a glass border on the pool steps and edges alone. 

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#4. To Bring Attention to Pool Built-In Benches

Without tiling to distinguish the edge of a built in, your guests may not even realize it's there. Trim your in-pool built-in benches with glass tile and they instantly visually pop through to the surface for people to enjoy them. You can even include playful mosaic themes along these underwater benches, like a pair of fishes, in glass mosaics instead of Tapeti, as in this design.  


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#5. Create a Vanishing Edge That Goes to Infinity

Infinity pools that appear to wind their way naturally into the surrounding landscape with no sharp breaks are very popular right now. You can get the same effect by using glass tile mosaics along the edges of the pool in the same color as the bottom of the pool. It creates a "seamless" look that appears to blend perfectly by establishing a visually stunning vanishing edge. 


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#6. Accentuate Hot Spots and Water Features

Spas can be set apart with glass mosaics, either on the outer edges or the borders. Fountains also are a great place to put some glass mosaics to bring these poolside attractions some star power. If you are going to limit your use of glass mosaics, make the best use of them by adding them to special areas in the pool recreation area that draw the eye and create instant drama there. In the same way you accentuate an indoor spa with tiles and bordering, you can do the same with an outdoor spa using glass mosaic tiles to bring attention to this one-of-a-kind hot spot.

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#7. Design Your Own Outdoor Aquarium

Use glass mosaics to create an aquarium of inland sea creatures. They not only make the bottom of your pool sparkle, but it can even enliven the images you choose to use at your pool's bottom. Don't be surprised if someone jumps a bit when they accidentally step on the jellyfish that seems more alive when created with glass mosaic tiles.  

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#8. Put Them Anywhere You Want to Sprinkle Some Magic On

There is no hard and fast rule that says these are the only areas you can use glass mosaic tiles around the pool. The fact is that you can use them anywhere that you want to add a sparkle of light and drama. They are just as happy at the bottom of the pool as they are in the patio or seating area next to the pool. You can even get planters with poolside plants and have them custom-designed to include your choice of glass mosaics to match the pool design. This will give your design a more uniform appearance.

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Not Every Glass Tile Is Suitable for Pools

Make sure to check with the manufacturer to see if you can use your chosen glass tile in a pool design. There will be some that are not suitable to use in or near the water's edge and others will work best on a feature wall only. Glass tile mosaics for pools come in a wide assortment of colors and hues and create rainbow effects in each tile as well as when set next to each other in varying color schemes. Consider the atmosphere you want to create and when you expect to use the pool more often (day or night) to determine how they will ultimately contribute to your overall design scheme. Did you like these ideas to help you include glass mosaic tiles in and around your pool? If you want to learn how to include glass mosaic tiles in your next design, feel feel to contact us for a consultation.

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