6 Different Kitchen Tile Color Schemes to Achieve the Right Mood

6 Different Kitchen Tile Color Schemes to Achieve the Right Mood

The tile color scheme you choose affects the mood of your kitchen, and provides multiple design opportunities. Kitchen tile color schemes have an instant impact on the person sitting in the kitchen and also tell a lot about the luxury homeowner’s tastes. I like to advise clients to pick a scheme that creates the right type of mood in the kitchen as a living space since, not just the workhorse of the home. The reason for this is that today's kitchen is where most people like to gather for fun and social activities. Both kitchen tile colors and patterns contribute to the way a space feels. Kitchen tile color patterns can range from entrancing and calming to exuberant and exciting. Here are six of my favorite different kitchen tile schemes that I think help set just the right mood.


1. Classic Black and White

Black and white doesn’t have to mean straight-laced or a harsh feel. Using waterjet tiles, you can get a stunning black and white tile scheme with tons of curves, like this one that is elegant in appeal. It gives your kitchen a high-end, luxurious, feel.  

Ombre Mosaic - View Details>>

Today’s “all-white” kitchen isn’t just chalk white, it includes hues of white to give the entire kitchen a warm or cooler tone, depending on your preference. You still get the nice clean palette, but allowing for gradations of white like never before. These are kitchen tile color schemes that use “white” tiles in various tones too to create a dreamy mood while maintaining that modern edginess and black and “white” scheme.

Traditional Tile - View Details>>


2. Transitonal Tile Schemes

If you really like the classic all-white, there is something about using subway tiles in the kitchen that make people very nostalgic. Subway tiles originally surfaced in New York city subways and were an instant public hit, so much so, that people started using them in their homes. The classic look is a bland white used in a straight horizontal layout. However, this nostalgic tile cut can be upgraded with marble tiles in a herringbone pattern for a whole new take on subway tiles. This is as classic as it gets, with a nod to the past.

Herringbone Mosaic - View Details>>


3. Fruity Fun Tile Schemes

Mosaic tiles are either available in large tiles or small mosaics. When doing fruity murals in the kitchen, you can choose either the tiny tile look, which is more Grecian in style, or opt for a painted tile like the Baquette Hand Painted Fruit mural. A fruit mosaic can be done to look Italian, Greek, or even given a modern twist. It can be used as a mural behind the range or just as a border along the kitchen backsplash or both. It can be both formal and informal, depending on where the motif is placed and what style you use to present the image. The contemporary look of a fruit bowl can be quirky, casual, and fun in a modern kitchen, but can also produce an antique or vintage feel when done with other vintage elements in the kitchen.

Cucina Zalm Fruit Mural

Fruit Mural - View Details>>


4. Artistic Tile Schemes with Style

You can use different colored tiles and painted tiles to create landscapes, portraits, or any artistic image your mind can imagine. Here is one that takes the Art Noveau era and brings it into the kitchen with a highly stylized mural.

Cherry blossom Mosaic - View Details>>

These types of art projects can yield some very unique designs that go way beyond the classic fruit bowl. Combine your tile pattern with glass tiles and it can almost seem to glow under the proper lighting.  

Glass Mosaics - View Details>>


5. Earthy Stone Scheme

There is a lot of emphasis in modern spaces to try to bring the outdoors in. Earthy tones achieved with stone tiles create the feel of an indoor space that is both natural and inviting. Use etched stone tiles to continue the scheme, while adding decorative features, and add a countertop of granite or marble to make it seamless. Earthy tones also work well with natural wood kitchen drawers and floors to create a very warm ambiance.

Waterjet Tile - View Details>>


6. Traditional Tile Scheme

If you’re not really into making a particular design statement by evoking a specific time period  or classic black and white schemes, you can just go a little wild with a traditional pattern. Traditional patterns can use tiny tiles to create a design like the this mosaic in this kitchen:


Traditional Mosaics - View Details>>

Abstract designs can be enhanced with the use of different tile materials from metallics to glass. Since it's an "anything goes" design, don't be afraid to let your imagination wander and discover new, exciting, color combinations and patterns.


Kitchens as Public Spaces

In the past, the kitchen was set away from the main areas where you entertained. Today, the family and the party are often located in the kitchen. This requires that you pay attention to kitchen tile color schemes to create a mood conducive to good times. If your tastes run towards dramatic, elegant designs, then a classic black and white could be the right choice. If you want a warmer kitchen atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with earthy tones and etched tiles. Show your creativity with the use of abstract or artistic tile schemes. Remember to pay attention to both the kitchen tile colors as wells as the overall pattern. Create new designs with different tile materials too. Which of these kitchen tile schemes do you think belong in your home? Do you have one not on our list? Comment below and share this article with your friends and followers to see which they like best too.
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