5 Limestone Tile Ideas to Inspire Your New Floor or Wall Design

5 Limestone Tile Ideas to Inspire Your New Floor or Wall Design

Limestone tiles are not as hard a surface as marble tiles, however, it can be polished to a high shine, like marble. It does offer a softer look as well. It’s much easier to work with than marble, and offers a wide range of color choices. If I want to add a little warmth and beauty to a bathroom or wall, limestone tile designs offer a lot of flexibility. It is ideal for commercial projects where the expanse of area to be covered makes the cost of marble prohibitive. Even though it is a soft stone, it's still durable enough for high traffic areas. Take a look at these limestone tile ideas that show how easily they fit into any decor.


1. Neutral Toned Bathrooms

Modern bathrooms lean towards a clean, sharp, design with neutral tones. Luxury homes offer amenities like radiant heating, which also does well with limestone. Unlike marble, limestone bathroom floors heat up far more quickly when using radiant heating, making it not only visually appealing, but also a highly functional choice. Beige or off-white bathrooms don’t have to be bland when you choose tiles in different shades or tones of beige in the same design.

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However, if you do like the streamlined look, you can get it in beige as well, without it getting too boring. This design, which offers a beige limestone tile with uniform variations of color, is very visually striking even though it has only type of limestone tile. 

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2. Colorful Rooms

If you want to be more daring, there is no reason you can’t do so with limestone tiles. Limestone doesn’t just come in shades of beige, yellow, and white, they also can come in green, blues, and blacks. How is this possible?... ...It all depends on the type of impurity in the stone. Limestone is made up of calcium carbonate, which is mostly white. However, when you add iron oxide you can get warmer tones like red, yellow, and beige. If you add carbon, you can get gray, black or blue limestone. Baitage Blue is a lovely sky blue color that can really make you feel like you’re in an ocean spa. Pistachio offers a variation of green and blue. Whereas Gascogne Blue offers just a hint of blue. Thus, whether it is a commercial bathroom, powder room, or a restaurant cafe wall you want to make pop, you can do it with colorful limestone colors.

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3. Limestone Wall Backdrop

When you’re considering remodeling your bathroom or hotel lobby, don’t just focus on the floors. Limestone is an excellent choice for a wall backdrop and can be a feature of your new bathroom. Here black limestone tile is used as a Zen-like backdrop that frames the tub and a small wall decoration.

You can get the same look by choosing Basalto tile in black. If you want a little more variation and color in the backdrop, you can use Halila Gold instead for hotel areas that need a dramatic and luxurious wall backdrop.  

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4. Patterned Floors

Since limestone tile comes in some many different colors and even different textures, you can use this natural stone to create interesting patterns in your floors. A diamond pattern is classic and can be made even more stunning with the use of red tiles for the diamond shapes. 

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However, there are numerous ways to lay tiles in a pattern, like basket weave or herringbone patterns. Get familiar with some of the basic patterns and mix and match them in your home. You can also opt for different finishes for different rooms. A hotel might want a limestone patterned floor that is shined to the maximum, while a luxury homeowner may prefer the softer look of porous tiles for an estate bathroom.


5. Limestone Combined with Mosaics

Limestone doesn’t have to be the star of the show, it can be a supporting actress. Combine limestone with mosaics to make beautiful designs in your luxury floor or wall design. This design made use of a pinwheel mosaic pattern both on the floor and the wall of a luxury bathroom, surrounded by limestone.

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There’s no reason limestone can’t be combined with other materials to make a one-of-a-kind unique statement in your home. If you like the smooth look of limestone for other areas, it can also be used on countertops or be made into a sink. You can do the edging with glass tiles or even ceramic mosaics to add a little pizzazz to the limestone floor and wall designs.


Limestone: A Versatile Stone

Limestone designs can offer a soft glow to a nice shine, depending on how highly polished the finish is on the tile. It can also look good with duller finishes. It comes in many different colors and patterns. It’s easy to cut and work with, since it is softer than marble. It heats up more quickly than marble too, if you’re installing radiant heating. I love the way limestone tiles are easily incorporated in any design without making it look bland or boring. I’m not limited to just white or a marbled look. Even old limestone floors can be brought back to life with a little polishing and given a high shine, even though it is a porous stone. This makes it perfect for high-traffic commercial areas that need that sort of resilience and charm. Have I convinced you that this is one stone that can offer many different options for the luxury homeowner? Which idea is the one you liked the best? Share your own limestone tile ideas for use in your floor or wall designs by commenting below. Also, like and share this article if you liked it.


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