9 Marble Tile Ideas for Designing a Luxurious Lavatory

9 Marble Tile Ideas for Designing a Luxurious Lavatory

One way to instantly upgrade a bathroom from average to spectacular is with the use of marble. Marble tile ideas for bathrooms can be as simple as replacing a backsplash to more intricate remodels, like creating an all-marble blue bathroom. Marble tile ideas can create help me create an oasis that shuts the outside world out and makes me feel like a multimillionaire on vacation at a fancy resort spa. I hope you can use some of these ideas to upgrade your bathroom to help spur your next bathroom remodel.

1. Line Your Floor with a Border Mosaic

Maybe you like your wood or ceramic floors, but still want to upgrade the look. A marble border inlaid into an existing floor can work wonders to set off a private space and add some drama without much fuss. It can even be used as a border for a stone rug, instead of just bordering the outside of the room itself. Calacatta Mosaic Border Bathroom Floor Calacatta and Nero Checker Board Mosaic - View Details / Get Quote »

2. Add a Backsplash Border

Once you add a floor border, you might start thinking about lining other areas of the bathroom with marble. A backsplash border along the wall or bathtub (or both) can be just the right accent needed to amp up the luxury factor in your bathroom. Just because you’re using marble does not mean it doesn’t allow for artistic creativity. Check out this wave pattern made with two types of marble. Statuary Floor with Wave Mosaic Border Statuary Floor with Wave Mosaic Border - View Details / Get Quote »

3. Go With a Marble Sink Vanity Top

If you want to have a seamless look, there is nothing better than a full vanity top with matching border. Pick a marble top that accents the sink, like using a gray or silver and white marble vanity top with an all-white sink. Carrara Marble and Molding Carrara Marble and Molding - View Details / Get Quote »

4. Lay Out All Marble Floors

Marble floors sing luxury to homeowners interested in durable surfaces with high-end appeal. They can be combined with accent borders or vanity tops that use the same marble tone to unify the entire design. Carrara Floor Carrara Floor - View Details / Get Quote » Choose to add a sink with or without a border or even echo the marble you chose for the vanity top by including it as part of the design element in a wall medallion.

5. Accent Your Bathroom with a Waterjet Medallion

Add a waterjet medallion to any type of floor, whether it is marble or not. The marble medallions act as accent art bring in high class materials for spots that may be prone to more water spills, like right in front of a bath tub. However, they also make beautiful decorations on a bathroom wall and can customize a space like nothing else. Calacatta Bathroom Floor Calacatta Bathroom Floor - View Details / Get Quote »

6. Design a Watery Blue Bathroom

What color most evokes the ocean and water? Blue. That’s why blue bathrooms are a favorite color scheme. If you think that you can’t use marble and get anything other than white, black, grays, in your color scheme you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the this stone blue bathroom remodel. A similar blue pattern is also available with Blue Bahia marble to get the same look. If dark blue is not your favorite, marbles come in a variety of shades even some in lighter blues, like Cielo marble. Blue Bahia Blue Bahia - View Details / Get Quote » Cielo Cielo - View Details / Get Quote » The lesson here is that marble tile ideas shouldn’t be be limited to white and black all the time, there are also marble tiles that come in many other colors from beige to blues, and even green-toned tiiles.

7. Keep It Crisp with an All-White Bathroom

Despite that, all-white bathrooms are still a stunning design that gives a modern bathroom a clean, cutting-edge, look. Carrara Floor Carrara Floor - View Details / Get Quote » The all marble can contain veins to give it more character, like in statuarietto marble. Or, if you really are a purist when it comes to white, there is an all-white marble known as thassos that is also available. Statuarietto Statuarietto - View Details / Get Quote » Thassos Thassos - View Details / Get Quote »

8. Stay Classic with a Checkerboard Pattern

Black and white checkerboard patterns in different sized tiles can also be a classic design. When the tiles are set diagonally, they tend to fool the eye and make a space seem larger than it really is. This is ideal for long, narrow, passages in a bathroom that otherwise might seem cramped without this visual illusion. Carrara and Black Checker Board Bathroom Floor Carrara and Black Checker Board Bathroom Floor - View Details / Get Quote » Now that you know you aren't limited to just black and white, why not change it out a bit? Consider using a beige marble with white for a more contemporary and neutral look. Bursa Beige Bursa Beige - View Details / Get Quote »

9. Mix and Match Shapes and Colors

The marble tile ideas for bathrooms don’t have to only include 1x1 marble square tiles. Change it up a bit by using octagons and diamonds, in different sizes, to harken back to a vintage look, upgraded with marble. The marble tile ideas for bathrooms don’t have to only include 1x1 marble square tiles. Change it up a bit by using octagons and diamonds, in different sizes, to harken back to a vintage look, upgraded with marble. You can see how the different shaped tiles and colors look in ceramic in this video. Done in marble, the stone floors are far more durable, more resistant to chipping, and have a look and character that is superior to ceramic floors. Again, don't just opt for black and white, if you really have your heart set on a different color. Use marble diamond accents in gold, blue, or even green.

It’s Nice When You Have More Than Two Bathrooms

Can’t decide which of these fabulous marble tile ideas to do? Luckily, luxury homes come with more than one bathroom, so you can try several different looks in different areas of the home. Otherwise, it would be hard to pick a favorite, but I’m partial to the blue marble designs. I hope you’ve spotted a tile design that really knocked your socks off on this list. If not, what do you think is missing from the list? Let me know by commenting below. Share and ask your friends to share the many creative ways they’ve used marble in their bathroom remodels too.
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