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10 Modern Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen Redesign

The next time you redo your kitchen, start by planning the tiles that you're going to include. A tile backsplash can provide an eye-catching focal point, a pop of color or an interesting pattern for your contemporary kitchen.

Once you've settled on the right tiles, such as one of these 10 modern backsplash ideas, the rest of your design choices will fall into place.


1. Highlight a Focal Point with Black and White

Some interior decorators say that every room needs a few black elements. Why not accomplish this goal with a bold black-and-white backsplash?

This room, although decorated largely in shades of brown, includes touches of black throughout. The most notable is the geometric backsplash. It features an assortment of tiles in white and gray, but it's the nine black diamonds that really grab your eye.

Mosaic Tile - View Details»


2. Put a Modern Twist on Traditional Designs

There's nothing more traditional than white marble with light gray graining. Just the thought of it may call to mind ancient artwork or regal buildings. Even still, don't discount this look for your contemporary kitchen.

Instead, pair the dignified look of marble graining with a more modern pattern. Water jet technology allows tile artisans to create intricate patterns that bring together several different tile materials. The kitchen below features water jet mosaics that add an extra flare to the kitchen. 

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3. Turn to Subway Tile

A regular favorite among contemporary decorators, subway tile has what it takes to fit into nearly any kitchen design. These versatile rectangles come in a wide variety of colors, and they can be laid horizontally, vertically or even diagonally.

The kitchen here relies on a subway-tile backsplash throughout the room. The neutral color scheme and traditional horizontal arrangement look classy and protect the walls from splashes without drawing attention from the water jet mosaic behind the stove.

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4. Emphasize Straight Lines

Contemporary kitchen design is often about clean lines. Straight lines can be even more effective at conveying a contemporary feel when used in a monochromatic color scheme.

The kitchen below is an excellent example of this principle. The backsplash is composed of multiple horizontal stripes made of glass tiles in varying shades of brown. The straight-line vibe of the backsplash is reflected in the light fixtures, the cabinets and the window grilles.

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5. Think Beyond the Boundaries

When you think about tile murals, traditional design images may quickly spring to mind: fruit baskets, floral arrangements, pastoral scenes and the like. While it's true that such mosaics certainly have their place in traditional decorating, all it takes is a few twists to turn this into a more contemporary concept.

For example, you could start with a fairly classic design, such as the portrait mosaic shown below, but push the design out past its natural border. In this example, the tan swirls begin at the mosaic's frame and snake their way across the counter's backsplash. The same design is reflected on the adjacent wall.

Noveau Portrait Mosaic Medallions and Murals - View Details»


6. Make a Statement with Neutrals

Colors like tan, gray, white and brown might be neutrals, but that doesn't mean that they're boring! You can use these hues to create unique, memorable tile patterns.

Take this kitchen, for example. Using neutral tiles from the Univo line, this backsplash features an unforgettable arrangement of rectangles.

Mosaic Tile - View Details»


7. Create a Herringbone Design

Herringbone patterns have been around for centuries, but they've been making a major comeback in recent years. Laying tiles in this arrangement is a sure way to give your kitchen a contemporary vibe.

In the photo below, the backsplash uses subway-size tiles from the Sabba collection, but you could also create a herringbone mosaic with longer or thinner tiles.

Herringbone Mosaic - View Details»


8. Display Bold Patterns

For a unique backsplash that will stand out compared to your neighbors' kitchens, think about interesting patterns and arrangements. You can even mix multiple shapes or colors on the same wall.

Check out this example that uses Univo tiles. While the colors are neutral, the design's circles and wavy lines are anything but basic.

Abstract Mosaics - View Details»


9. Bring Kitchen Colors Together

Does your kitchen feature multiple colors? Consider using all of them in your modern kitchen backsplash. Tiny tiles, such as penny tiles, thin rectangles or small squares, are best for this task.

In the kitchen below, the backsplash pulls from colors found throughout the room. The lightest shade reflects the tile floor, the gray tiles complement the stainless steel appliances and the darkest color matches the cabinetry.

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10. Catch Eyes with Graphic Art

Modern decorating often includes prints and other works of art featuring graphic motifs. Your backsplash can reflect this trend by including big, open images or bold geometric patterns.

Think about floral mosaics, for example. Highly detailed, realistic images of flower arrangements are more at home in traditional decor schemes than contemporary kitchens. But if you simplify the design and limit the color palette, you'll have a graphic pattern that's just right for your modern home. The kitchen below accomplishes this with Univo tiles.

Floral Mosaics - View Details>>


Are you ready to include one or more of these modern backsplash ideas in your kitchen? Whether you want to use black and white colors, geometric shapes or interesting murals, tiles can help you achieve your backsplash goals. With these 10 ideas in mind, start planning your kitchen redesign by talking to the expert tile artisans at Artsaics.

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