7 Classic Entryway Tile Ideas to Inspire Your Remodel

Artisans have been decorating entryways with tile for hundreds of years. You can incorporate this traditional material into your home decor with a variety of classic designs.

Whether you're interested in rich patterns or sleek squares, these classic entryway tile ideas will help you prepare for your next remodeling project.


Choose a Checkerboard Pattern

Visit a European church built during the Renaissance era, and you may spot a design element that was popular at the time: checkerboard floors. These patterns were often laid using marble tiles.

This reliable design is still popular today. You're free to use any color combination that appeals to you, but, as you can see below, black and white are a classic pairing.

For a twist on the standard design, keep all of the main squares the same color, and accent them with contrasting squares at each intersection.

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Rely on Classic Marble

Renaissance patterns aren't the only inspiration that you can draw from that remarkable era. You can also copy their use of marble tile.

Because marble is a natural stone material, each batch is unique. The options range from the nearly pure white of Thassos marble to the deep tones of Blue Bahia or the prominent veining of Andor Brown. Although there are manmade tiles that resemble the appearance of marble, there's just nothing quite like the sheen and beauty of a true marble floor.

Marble is naturally elegant. It's beautiful graining looks lovely whether it's used in small entryways or on larger floors, like the one shown here.

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Place a Pattern on a Pattern

If you want guests to feel surrounded by love and friendship from the moment they walk into your home, then your entryway should convey a sense of warmth. One of the best ways to accomplish that is by layering textures on top of each other. It's a decorating technique that lends depth to designs.

When it comes to your flooring, create layers by putting one distinctive element on top of another. Start with cool limestone tiles laid in a geometric arrangement. Next, place a richly patterned rug over the top.

To avoid visual chaos, make sure one of the layers features a larger pattern than the other. Here, the tiles' familiar geometric shapes serve as a solid anchor for the rug's ornate florals.

Photo by Ahmed Hussein

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Design a Built-in Rug

Although rugs serve as a beautiful complement to tile floors, you may not want to deal with caring for more than one material. An alternative idea is to create the appearance of a rug using a tile mosaic.

To design a mosaic rug, start by determining where you want the focal point of your room to be. Cover that area of the floor with a different tile than the one used for the rest of the room. Outlining the rug area with a border design will help tie the look together.

In this foyer, the mosaic rug travels the length of the walkway.


Greet Guests with a Wall Mural

Wealthy homeowners in Ancient Rome decorated their houses with tile mosaics. Their designs featured rich colors and intricate patterns. Popular subjects included people, animals and vegetation. Mosaics were often found on floors but could be used to decorate walls as well.

You can recreate this look in your own home. Place a favorite design underfoot, or install a mosaic on the entryway wall instead of hanging a framed painting.

You may want to welcome guests to your home with a colorful floral glass mosaic.

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A seaside landscape would be another beautiful choice.

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Lay a Welcoming Medallion

There's something quite appealing about a classic medallion. Perhaps it's because this design provides a subtle reminder about tile decor. On the other hand, it may just be that it looks good. Either way, a medallion is a classic design choice for your traditional entryway.

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Impress with a Detailed Floor Medallion

For a classic entryway that truly stands out, consider an elaborate floor medallion just inside your front door. A medallion is a decorative piece that adds a unique focal point to any room.

Water jet cutting makes it possible to create intricate medallion designs. Some floor medallions feature winding scrolls, floral vines and rolling waves. Others incorporate starburst patterns and geometric borders.

Floor Medallions

Elliptical shapes are another option. You may want to choose this style if you have a large or elongated space to fill.

Which of these classic entryway tile ideas has caught your eye? Your favorite design is sure to impress your guests as well. Whether you choose marble, limestone, porcelain or another material, tile is undoubtedly a timeless choice for beautiful entryways.

Reach out to Artsaics before you start your next foyer remodel. Our artisans' classic tilework will usher guests into your home for years to come.

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