6 Modern Entryway Tile Ideas to Inspire Your Remodel

Your entryway sets the tone for your home. If you want your house to have a contemporary vibe, that style should be evident from the moment you first walk in the door. You can count on tile to help you create an unforgettable first impression.

Browsing modern entryway tile ideas will inspire you to use this material as an integral part of your contemporary foyer remodel.


1. Stick with White and Neutrals

There's nothing that says "contemporary design" as clearly as straight lines and clean color schemes. A basic combination of black and white is just right for this look.

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To keep things simple, stick with white for the floor and the walls. Then, round out the room with a collection of black accents. That might come in the form of a dark stair rail, an ebony entry table or a cast-iron light fixture.

Just remember that white doesn't have to be boring. There's a lot more variety available in the world of white tiles than you might have guessed.

You could choose a natural marble looking porcelain with just a touch of gray graining. These porcelain tiles are good examples.

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Another option is to use waterjet tile pattern that features contrasting colors. Browse out waterjet collection.

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2. Choose Large Tiles

When it comes to contemporary tile design, think big. Large pieces can help any space seem roomier. Whether you have a small, narrow foyer or a wide-open expanse, oversized tiles lend a welcoming feel.

To qualify as large-format tiles, at least one side of each piece must measure 15 inches or more. The bigger the tiles are, the fewer grout lines you'll need. Without as many visual interruptions, the room will seem more open.

Check out how light and airy this entryway feels.

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3. Use Lines to Your Advantage

Many tile designs feature straight edges, and that's a look that's just right for modern interior decorating. You can create a straight-line pattern that helps usher visitors into your home.

This idea works best for houses with long, narrow foyers. To create a sense of forward momentum, lay skinny tile strips end-to-end along the length of your floor.

Here's an example of this idea in action.

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4. Lay a Zigzag Design

Back-and-forth lines are popular in contemporary tile designs. Zigzag designs can lend energy to your decor. There are two primary zigzag styles: herringbone and chevron.

Herringbone tile patterns are made with rectangular pieces that sit perpendicular to one another. Usually, the tiles are laid at 45-degree angles, but that's not a hard-and-fast rule.

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Chevron, on the other hand, is more of a V-shaped pattern. Creating this look requires parallelogram-shaped tiles instead of rectangular ones. 

This chevron tile is a great example of the many available options.

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5. Make a Statement with a Bold Pattern

Sometimes, contemporary design is all about making a statement with eye-catching designs that stand out from the crowd. Tile can be an ideal medium for these looks. The color options and layout possibilities are nearly endless, so you're sure to find a look that matches your personal style.

Water jet technology is just right for creating stand-out patterns. This precision cutting method allows designers to craft pieces that fit together precisely.

Contrasting patterns are great examples, water jet design looks great on a modern entryway floor.

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You could also outfit one wall of your entryway with a patterned design. Decorative tile is an updated replacement for traditional wallpaper. Consider a delicate water jet floor medallion for that job.

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6. Bring in Natural Elements

Although modern designs often feature clean lines or graphic patterns, you can also create a contemporary style with natural elements. Consider Antique Limestone flooring or tiles that resemble planks of smooth wood.

Incorporating natural looks in your decorating scheme can help boost your connection to the outside world. This may increase your sense of peace and inner calm. Studies show that people who spend time in nature exhibit fewer signs of depression, display greater creativity and demonstrate more kindness to others.

Although walking through an entryway with natural touches isn't the same as hiking through the woods, it can't hurt to include outdoor elements in your design.

Consider lining one wall of your foyer with dimensional tile designs. To double the natural effect, use this wall as a backdrop for a few decorative trees or leafy green plants.

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These modern entryway tile ideas offer just a few suggestions for using this traditional material in fresh, new ways. With clean lines, eye-catching patterns or natural touches, you can give your foyer a contemporary feel that complements the design scheme that's present throughout your home.

When you're ready to enhance your entryway floor or walls with modern tile designs, give us a call. We look forward to planning an entryway remodel with you.
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