These 8 Mosaic Mural Backsplash Ideas Will Inspire You

These 8 Mosaic Mural Backsplash Ideas Will Inspire You

Life can be messy — especially in the kitchen and the bathroom. A backsplash is designed to catch some of that mess.

This design feature typically sits behind a sink or a stove. The idea is that water splashes and cooking splatters land there instead of on the underlying surface.

Backsplashes are practical, but they’re also an attractive addition to many home designs. Your backsplash could be a lovely place to highlight attractive, eye-catching tiles. For inspiration, peruse these mosaic mural backsplash ideas.


Kitchen Backsplashes

Many kitchens have backsplashes behind both the stove and the sink. Some even have a long stretch of backsplash that wraps around the entire room. Take a look at these mosaic mural backsplash ideas and think about which one would work best in your kitchen.


Geometric Pattern

Often, backsplashes feature even arrangements of straight-edge tiles or repeating shapes. Geometric designs can lend a sense of balance and harmony to a room.

Remember, balanced doesn’t have to mean boring. In the room below, for instance, there’s nothing bland about the repeating-tile design. It uses a mix of shapes that fit perfectly together to form a creative, attractive pattern using a neutral color palette.

Arabesque Mosaics - View Details>>


Stunning Focal Point

Your backsplash could be the star of your kitchen. It might be the spot that immediately catches every eye. Using mosaic tiles could be an incredible way to create an attention-getting effect.

In this kitchen, for example, tiny mosaic tiles are formed into an incredible sunburst design. Here, the look is done with black and white, but you could do something similar in any color scheme you wanted.

Ombre Mosaic - View Details>>


Personality Showcase

The backsplash can be a spot to add some fun or whimsy to your home, particularly if that’s something that matches your personality. Since the space is limited, you can add design, color or flair without overwhelming an entire room.

Here, the homeowner opted for a unique floral design that sprawls behind the stovetop and the counter. The earthy browns ground this playful design and tie it into the surrounding space.

Cherry Blossom Mosaic - View Details


Pastoral Peace

The kitchen can be a place of hustle and bustle. If you could use a peaceful reminder to take a deep breath and slow down as you cook, install a mosaic that invokes a sense of serenity. Countryside scenery or images could be just the thing for you.

Take this kitchen backsplash, for instance. The simple image of a boat resting on a tranquil stream may fill you with peace whenever you look at it. You can daydream about vacationing in far-off places or spending your weekends on the water.

Another option is to feature an agricultural still life. Fruit baskets, such as the one shown here, are a popular motif. Some murals feature flowers or sheaves of wheat as well.

Mosaic Mural - View Details>>


Kitchen Mural

The incredible thing about mosaic tiles is that gifted artisans can create pretty much any design with them. If you want your backsplash to be an absolute work of art, it can be. It doesn’t need to be confined to traditional ideals or even a fixed geometric area.

The tile artwork below is a splendid example of this. The backsplash mural features a portrait design. On its own, it would be enough to take your breath away, but the artist here went one step further. The swirling streaks that flank the portrait on either side increase the impact of this lovely work.

Medallions and Murals - View Details>>


Bathroom Backsplashes

While your mind might immediately go to the kitchen when you think of backsplashes, these tiled murals can be found in bathrooms as well.


Narrow Border

Mural backsplashes, particularly in the bathroom, don’t have to cover an enormous space. You can keep your sink backsplash narrow using a mosaic border design. Such an arrangement may fit perfectly between the counter and the mirror.

Incredible designs can fit into tiny spaces. Take a look at this blue and white bathroom. Although the mosaic fills just a small strip of space, it includes both straight-line edging and an appealing circle design.

Tunisian Tansy Circles Mosaic Border

Mosaic Border - View Details>>


Simple Mosaic

While the word “mural” may conjure up visions of elaborate works, keep in mind that this word simply describes art that uses a wall as its canvas. In other words, subtle designs count too. In a powder room or other small space, you may need a tile mural that’s as simple as can be so that you don’t overwhelm your space.

Here, you can see an example of a bathroom where this idea is carried out especially well. The subtle scrollwork is carried out around the whole bathroom that gives a look of unity.

Waterjet Patterns - View Details>>


Skinny Strips

If you like geometric designs, an arrangement of narrow rectangles could be one of the best mosaic mural backsplash ideas for the kitchen or the bathroom. It’s a way to incorporate several colors in a uniform, cohesive design.

Check out how this bathroom fills a narrow area with a floor-to-ceiling tile mural. The shades of green and blue — evocative of running water — are a great choice for a bathroom.

Linear Tile - View Details>>


Your Backsplash Mosaic

Your mosaic mural backsplash can reflect your tastes and reinforce the design theme of your home. Hopefully, you’ve found inspiration from the ideas we’ve shared here. Meeting with our design professionals should be your next step.

At Artsaics, we offer an impressive array of mosaic murals, and we also create hand-painted backsplash murals. Contact us today to start planning your design.

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