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10 Elegant Mosaic Tile Backsplash Ideas That You’ll Want to See

Backsplashes used to be the afterthought in the kitchen and bathroom, but new style trends can make them showstoppers all on their own. No longer are you confined to a drab beige backsplash. There are plenty of new options to choose from, including using materials like glass. A backsplash can be such a feature in your bath or kitchen simply because it is presented before a captive audience, either washing their hands, lying in a tub, or cooking on the stovetop. It’s also one of the most frugal ways to add pizzazz to your space without having to do a full remodel. Because it is so inexpensive a way to remodel and backsplashes can cover small or larger areas, depending on your preference, they are an excellent way to remodel a space without having to do the entire room. Here are 10 elegant mosaic tile backsplash ideas that can add some “wow” factor to your future remodeling plans.


#1 Marble Mosaics in Herringbone Patterns

Nothing is more classic and elegant than marble, but even this traditional taste can be stepped up a notch by laying out the marble in a herringbone pattern. Whether you prefer a dramatic Blanch Sabba backsplash in the kitchen that echoes subway tiles of the past or a more intriguing, and subtle, herringbone pattern in Carrara marble, there is a marble out there that can be made more visually interesting with the herringbone pattern. 

Herringbone Mosaic Tile - View Details>>


#2 Classic Mural Themes, like Florals and Fruit

If you’ve ever been to a museum, you know that florals and fruits were some artists’ favorite themes. The same idea of hanging a beautiful painting with a fruit bowl or floral vase can be used with your backsplash to add a touch of instant class. In this stovetop backsplash, you get to add a fruit bowl with greenery that makes use of a classic theme. Cucina Agate Fruit Mosaic Mural

Mosaic Mural - View Details>>


#3 Antique Etchings

Since people who are in front of the backsplash usually are standing close enough to gaze at it in detail, this is a good place to put effects like etchings on your tiles. It will be appreciated more because a person can reach out and touch the backsplash and marvel at the fine workmanship and the detailing in the etching, like in this design.  

Stone Liners - View Details>>


#4 Curves and Spirals

Using a waterjet, stonemasons can now create curved works of art in stone that were previously impossible. You can now enjoy a backsplash with luminous marble curves, like this one.  

Circular Waterjet Pattern - View Details>>

If you don’t need a seamless waterjet design, you can still opt for a more traditional stone mosaic look with tiny bits of stone delineating the curves, such as in this design.

Mosaic Mural - View Details>>



#5 Tiny Strips

Stone and glass strips are modern, sleek, and can produce lighting effects that make your backsplash even more captivating. They lend themselves well to modern designs and can be left shiny or matt to give a ripple effect. Here is a Soho Strip in stone used for a backsplash in the bathroom.  

Linear Mosaic - View Details>>


#6 Glass Landscapes

The glow of glass can make landscapes come alive when use as mural backsplashes. With artificial lighting, the ripple effect comes out even better.  

Glass Tile - View Details>>


#7 3-D Art on Your Walls

If you’d rather go for a more 3-dimensional look, there are plenty of new tiles that can provide that visual delight to the senses. Here’s one used in a backsplash in the kitchen that combines a floral with a 3-D effect to get the best of both worlds.  


Dimensional Stone - View Details>>


#8 Natural Honed Slate

If you want an earth-friendly or industrial look, go with natural stones in strong colors, like this dark grey honed slate. This kitchen backsplash design is very modern, but it harkens back to a Japanese motif in the simplicity of the color choices and design. The honed slate blends from the backsplash seamlessly into the countertop, but because the bowls are on top, it doesn’t overpower the design. It will instantly put you in a meditative mood. 

Antique Stone - View Details>>


#9 Fun Abstracts

Modern abstracts are super elegant and can upgrade a kitchen significantly. If you’ve ever walked into a modern gallery, you’ll know that these designs are really swanky. However, a little can go a long way. Use it as a very bold design element, like this feature tub backsplash wall that also serves as a modern mural.  

Abstract Mosaic Tile - View Details>>

Or, use it as a kitchen countertop backsplash in areas where you want a modern abstract design.

Abstract Mosaic Tile - View Details>>


#10 Framed Show Piece

A backsplash above a tub is a perfect spot for a framed tile show piece. You can create aquatic waves to give your bath a marine motif or add a cherry tree in mosaics. It’s up to you. Imagine soaking in the tub and having time to gaze at your own work of art, that will be permanently installed as a tub backsplash.  

Glass Mosaic Tile - View Details>>


Backsplashes as Features, Not Afterthoughts

I hope this list has inspired you to take a closer look at backsplashes. They aren’t just for guarding against oil or water splatters in the kitchen and bath. They can be transformative design elements that instantly upgrade a space for very little cost. They can bring in newer designs or add a bit of magic to an otherwise boring space. Don’t just limit your backsplash ideas to ceramic. Include stone mosaics, glass, or even go for a dramatic slab of marble. You can do almost any effect on a backsplash from etchings to 3-D effects. If you want to be traditional, you can still opt for fruit bowls, landscapes, and floral patterns, but don’t overlook the potential for abstracts and modern curved designs, available only with the use of a waterjet. If you want to comment on these or other design possibilities, feel free to add a comment below.
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