9 Impressive Mosaic Tile Designs for Bathroom Floors

9 Impressive Mosaic Tile Designs for Bathroom Floors

Mosaic tile designs shine in the bathroom where they literally have a captive audience. A bathroom floor mosaic creates a grand impression from the moment a person walks into the space. Then, they can take their time enjoying it when they use the facilities. For restaurants and hotels, the bathroom design can be an unexpected wow factor that gets your guests talking up your business. For the luxury homeowner, a luxurious bathroom makes you feel like royalty in your own home. Here are nine impressive tile designs to make a design statement that is memorable and aesthetically pleasing.

1. Carrara with Mosaic Border

Marble is the king of stones and is what people turn to most often to make a luxurious impression. You can get carrara tiles that have beautiful veining that is distinctive and world-reknown for its stunning beauty and good taste. Carrara is notable for the large gray veins that make it a show-stopper without much effort.

2. Checker Board

Black and white designs are also elegant and simple in their approach. You can combine different materials for that tuxedo look on your bathroom floors. This example pairs solid black tiles with white marble tiles for a look that is elegant and upscale. Imagine using different colored marbles with black to create a checker board that isn't necessarily the same old black and white, for instance maybe you want a green and black checker board.

3. Waterjet

Today's stonemasons don't have to rely on just what they can cut with primitive tools, like the Romans and the Greeks. You can make use of sophisticated waterjet technology to create designs that would have been seemingly impossible in the past due to the intricate curves and slim cuts. Here are two such designs that take advantage of the waterjet's ability to slice through even the hardest stone with relative ease. Curv Ally Waterjet Mosaic Curv Bathroom Tile Floor - View Details / Get Quote » Curv Cirus Waterjet Scroll Mosaic Curv Cirus Waterjet Scroll Mosaic - View Details / Get Quote »

4. Fish Mosaic

Bathrooms are the perfect spot for aquatic themes and fishes are a favorite. However, you can add an entire mosaic aquarium to your bathroom floor, if you so desire. Or, pick something more fanciful, like a mermaid that peeks up at incoming visitors from the depth of her pool mosaic. Tapeti Clair Fish Mosaic Tapeti Clair Fish Mosaic - View Details / Get Quote »

5. Basketweave

Modern designs don't have to be chaotic, they can also harken back to designs that mimic other orderly objects. For instance, the basketweave designs of Native Americans are stunning, but a basketweave on a tile floor can be even more visually arresting and mesmerizing. They don't just come in natural browns or reed colors. These can come in cielo blue along with white. Cielo and Blue Bahia Cielo and Blue Bahia - View Details / Get Quote »

6. Hexagon Mosaic

To bring someone back to their childhood, you might want to wax nostalgic with hexagon mosaics. These tiles can come in a regular small tile pattern, or be made of a combination of different size or colored tiles.

7. Wave Motifs

If you aren't into aquatic life, but still want to evoke a feeling of a oceanside spa retreat, there are many designs that make use of the wave motif. Tiles that come in many different shades of blue are perfect for a wave motif on your floor that is also echoed with wall art to strengthen the design. However, some people prefer to mute the oceanic colors and go for a more neutral pallette. Univo Aqualine Waves Mosaic - View Details / Get Quote »

8. Univo Garcenia Ornamental

Ornamental designs that include scrollwork or paisley-like designs are rich in ornamentation. The scrollwork can be emphasized using dimensional tiles with raised features or marble etching with the same delicate curves too. Univo Garcenia Ornamental Mosaic Pattern - View Details / Get Quote »

9. Studio Quad Lagoon Mosaic

If you've ever enjoyed the dappled look of running water, you'll love the studio quad lagoon mosaic floor. Studio Quad Lagoon Modular Mosaic - View Details / Get Quote » It gives the impression of a dancing pool of water, particularly when the light streams in the windows and hits the different shades of tiles. The more light that bounces around a bathroom, the more magical it seems. You can even take advantage of different lighting to get different effects, using glass or metallic tiles too.

Bathroom Floor Designs that Stop Them in Their Tracks

Whether you are a luxury homeowner or a commercial establishment, the bathroom is one space that you can actually stop people in their tracks with your thoughtful design choices. Women, in particular, may often experience lines at a busy establishment, giving them ample time to admire your design and comment on it with others. This is one area you can't afford to overlook as it is the perfect spot to make a big impression for such a small space. Have you ever gone into a restaurant or hotel and been wowed by the bathroom? Didn't it make you feel special? Let us know which design appeals to you most and which you found the most impressive. Share this article with your friends and followers and get them in on the fun too.
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