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8 Mosaic Tile Rug Patterns to Make Any Room Look More Elegant

A mosaic tile rug is a popular choice because it has the hard-wearing qualities and easy maintenance of a tile floor with the elegance of a "handmade" rug. Just like a Persian rug instantly uplifts a room's star quality, a custom tile rug has the same beauty and status that increases the perception of luxury. Modern mosaic technologies also can create unusual shapes and interesting patterns that weren't even available in the past. Whether you have a wide-open sitting area or a tiny bathroom remodel, a mosaic tile rug is the perfect choice to add instant elegance to the space. Here are eight mosaic tile rug patterns that will upgrade your space and help you create a luxurious mood in any part of your home.


#1 Knots and Weaves 

There is nothing more classic than knots and weaves. In ancient times, knots and weaves were symbols for life and the universe and were popular motifs. They represented the endless chain of life, without beginning or end. In some each knot creates a "rug" underfoot, or you can use the knot as a border for a tile rug too. They are still relevant today, whether it is using this stunning knot creation reminiscent of Celtic knots, or using a modern day basketweave pattern with Cielo Blue Bahia Tile

Basketweave Tile - View Details>>


#2 Bordered Invisible Rugs 

Maybe you are in love with the Carrara marble you've chosen for your bathroom and don't really want to add a large decorative tile rug to the space. You can still get a beautiful, understated, tile rug in by just tiling the border in and using the same material for inside the rug. This makes it look like an "invisible" rug in that you can see the border, but have kept the inner decorative element to a minimum. This works very well with modern tastes that tend to be less ornate and simpler in design.

Mosaic Borders - View Details>>


#3 Custom Waterjet Cut Tiles 

Maybe you want a floor that is completely modern and of your own design. Even if it includes curves and cirles, something that was difficult to do in the past, you can now get precise cuts using waterjet technologies. Take a look at this elegant, black, white, and gray, modern abstract floor made with the waterjet.  

Waterjet Mosaics - View Details>>


#4 Mosaic Mandalas 

Mandalas are classic designs that are symmetrical and circular. They can be geometrical or more abstract. They lend themselves well to the look of a circular tile rug as a feature on a floor tiled in a neutral background color. Here is one with a star figure as the center mandala, created also with the waterjet.  

Waterjet Medallion - View Details>>


#5 Unusual-Shaped Tile Rugs 

The circular tile rugs are typically done with a waterjet medallion whereas the more common rectangular tile rugs with borders can be done with any number of mosaic tile types. Here is a circular medallion that has a somewhat "invisible" feel to it, except for the black dot in the middle. However, don't let these two shapes be the only possibility. You can create tile rugs that are diagonal to a space, much like lying a Persian rug diagonally across a space. You can even create an oval-shaped rug anywhere you want, just like this bar did with this oval tile rug that includes their logo. 

Custom Medallions - View Details>>


#6 Floral or Nature Mosaics 

When considering different mosaic tile patterns, go back to the patterns you can get on a Persian rug. Many include natural elements and florals to create a stunning work of art that is highly cultured and in good taste. You can do the same with mosaics in stone, like this sitting room floor which uses flowerpots to anchor each corner of the bordered mosaic tile rug, which also has an unusually shaped border.  

Floral Mosaics - View Details>>


#7 Curves, Swirls, and Scrolls

Your pattern inspirations don't just have to come from Persian rugs, they can also be taken from luxury wallpapers. If you are fond of paisley, there is no reason you can't put it in a tile rug on your floor. If you want a less dense design of curves and swirls, you can do that with waterjet technologies. Here are two examples of an ornamental pattern design that incorporates swirls and scrolling curves to hint at a past age of timeless elegance.

Lace Tile - View Details>>


#8 Moroccan Zellige

Moroccan and Islamic tile patterns can be mesmerizing in their simple, geometric, abstracts that repeat endlessly. However, if you want to include these patterns in your tile rug, all you have to do is find a suitable tile and frame it with a border. For instance, the Univo Aroma Star Mosaic has the same look and feel of these patterns and would work beautifully in a tile rug design.  

Geometric Tile - View Details>>


Let Your Inspiration Be Your Guide

There is no reason you can't have a themed tile rug with a scene you want to include, much like you would do as a feature on a wall, especially if it includes natural elements. However, for the most part, classic designs are the height of luxury, are a bit understated in color and design. This not only stems from the fact that they are on the floor, but also because this type of simple elegance can be appreciated by most people. A tile rug pattern is much like a Persian rug or a luxury wallpaper. It serves as the backdrop for a beautiful space, so tends to recede into the background in the luxury home or business, unless it is supposed to feature a business logo or be a part of a grand entry or sitting area. Then, you can still use a tile rug to pull in extra star power by going to more dramatic designs like geometric mandalas and curves, swirls and scrolls, all created with waterjet technology for precise cuts and seamless designs.
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