6 Mosaic Walkway Ideas That You Need to See

6 Mosaic Walkway Ideas That You Need to See

Whether you have an outdoor pathway or an indoor hallway, mosaic tiles are a beautiful way to add visual interest to your walkway. The right designs will contribute to your overall decor scheme and give your property a unique look.

Find inspiration for your indoor and outdoor decorating projects with these six mosaic walkway ideas that will usher guests into your home, yard or garden.


1. Choose a Classic Design

If your home has a traditional feel, then you'll want a classic pattern for your walkway. There's nothing quite as classic as a traditional checkerboard arrangement, especially if it's done in black and white. It's a look that's been popular for centuries. Black and white squares are an elegant addition to entryways and hallways. Notice how the checkerboard walkway below gives this home a regal feel:

Checkerboard Tile - View Details>> 

For a similar geometric look in a smaller pattern, think about mosaic walkways made of diamond tiles.


Diamond Tile - View Details>>


2. Connect with Nature

For outdoor walking paths, it's a great idea to include elements that reflect the natural world. This look is especially appropriate for garden walkways.

Stone pathways are the top choice for many gardeners. They provide a rustic look that blends comfortably with flowers and greenery. For a path made of tiny stones, consider tiles with irregular edges, such as the River Rock line. You could also use larger stones to assemble your garden walkway. Cobbled stones and slate tiles are good options. Even indoor spaces can benefit from natural elements. Rooms decorated with wood and stones give off a relaxing, earthy vibe. For example, check out the pebble floor in front of this bathtub:

Pebble Mosaic Tile - View Details>>


3. Outline the Path with a Border

In design, borders help to establish defined spaces. They provide a sense of cohesiveness. With mosaic tiles, it's easy to outline your walking path with a decorative edge. One idea is to use large tiles for the main path and outline it with smaller tiles. Consider doing this with thin strip tiles, such as those in the Suji collection. You could also use intricate mosaics to line the edges of your path. The Tunisian collection includes many border designs, such as the Menelaus pattern. Another possibility is to use border tiles in a color that contrasts with the main shade of your mosaic walkway. In the bathroom below, the walking area of the room is set off with a green outline:

Basketweave Mosaics - View Details>>


4. Combine Many Different Patterns

To make the walking path the highlight of your design, you may want to choose an arrangement that is sure to catch eyes. One suggestion is to use a wide variety of tiles, each with its own pattern. For an eye-catching walkway, you can use a mix of natural stone tiles. Options include cobbled stone, ledge stone, pebbles and limestone tile. This earthy shade of Limestone would be perfect for your project:

Limestone Field Tile - View Details>>


5. Break Free from Straight Lines

You can arrange tiles for mosaic walkways in nearly any pattern. They certainly don't need to be lined up in perfectly straight rows. If you appreciate a free-spirited vibe in your home or backyard decorating, your walking paths can be a great place to express that. Pebble tiles, in particular, work well for garden path designs that feature many curves and swirls. If you like the idea of incorporating curves into your walkway design but would prefer a design that feels a little less free-flowing, use water jet designs instead. These tiles are cut with a computerized jet that's capable of producing intricate turns and precise details. A water jet mosaic is an ideal choice for a tile hallway design.

The photo below shows a water jet pattern used for a bathroom walkway:

Curv Cirus Waterjet Scroll Mosaic

Geometric Waterjet Designs - View Details>>


6. Create a Mosaic with Multiple Elements

For a unique twist on mosaic walkway ideas, consider combining more than one material. Glass and mother of pearl are beautiful choices for embellishing indoor pathways.


For the outdoors, some homeowners outline tile walkways with wood trim. You could create a similar look with brown travertine tiles in place of the natural wood. For a truly memorable look, think about making a mosaic pattern with stone and grass. In this yard, setting pale stone pavers in a bed of lush green grass created a high-contrast walkway design.

Outdoor Tile - View Details>>


Mosaic Walkways Are a Necessity for Your Next Home-Remodeling 

Will one of these six mosaic walkway ideas make it into your next indoor or outdoor renovation project? Mosaic walkways can be a beautiful expression of your home's personality. For more ideas on incorporating mosaic tiles into your pathway designs, make a phone call to the tile experts at Artsaics.

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