What Is the Most Popular Tile Size?

What Is the Most Popular Tile Size?

When planning a remodeling project, it's nice to get an outside perspective on the best materials to use in your room. Sometimes, that means asking a friend to weigh in on which of two countertops you should use.

Other times, it means looking for expert advice on the hottest styles in home decor right now. For example, you might ask, "What is the most popular tile size?"

There are actually several beloved options for tile sizes and shapes. Take a look at some of the top contenders to help you determine which is best for your project.

1x1 Squares

1-inch square tiles are incredibly versatile. You can use them to create a single-color layout or a variegated look. Small tiles work for geometric arrangements and intricate mosaics.

Tiny tiles are often associated with bathroom designs. They work well on powder-room floors and the bottoms of showers because the many grout lines add texture. Bathroom floors often get wet, and a textured tile pattern can help reduce slips and falls.

Small tiles can also be incorporated into wall designs. Some bathrooms use 1-inch squares on the floor and along the sides of the shower, too.

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4x4 Squares

For something a bit bigger, consider 4-inch square tiles. This dimension is often used for wall tiles. It also works for the tops or sides of counters in the bathroom or kitchen.

You can include 4x4 squares as an accent in a more elaborate design. For example, you could use these tiles to create a border along your wall at chair-rail height. They'd also work well for designing a kitchen backsplash.

The next size up for square tiles is often 6 inches by 6 inches. You may be a bit more likely to find 6-inch tiles used for a floor design than 4-inch ones.

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3x6 Rectangles

One of the most popular tile styles is known as subway tile. Standard subway tiles measure 3 inches by 6 inches. Some people also call this brick tile. By whatever name, it's a familiar, reliable style.

Subway designs are incredibly versatile. They're often laid horizontally in an offset pattern. Variations include herringbone, vertical, stacked, chevron and basketweave designs.

Similar looks are possible using larger or smaller tiles that retain the same dimensions. The sides should have a 1:2 ratio. For example, you might find that your design would benefit from 1-inch by 2-inch or 6-inch by 12-inch tiles.

6x6 Hexagons

For those who are looking for a different tile shape than squares or rectangles, take a look at hexagons. 6-inches across is a popular dimension for tiles of this shape. You can use 6-inch hexagons on floors or walls.

Hexagons are useful for creating interesting geometric designs. They help rooms come alive and feel vibrant. Also, hexagonal tiles in a bold color will lend any space a stunning look.

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You can see various ideas for hexagonal tiles in this video:

12x12 Squares

1-foot square tiles may be among the top contenders for the most popular tile size. This option is very commonly used on floors, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. You'll also find 12-inch tiles in entryways and living areas. Some can even be placed on walls!

With tiles that measure 12 inches or above, there are fewer grout lines. Homeowners often appreciate the smooth, unbroken look that this can lend to a room.

Because this is such a popular tile size, you'll probably have your choice of many different options when shopping. There may be ceramic, porcelain and natural stone varieties from which to choose.

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12x24 Rectangles

Large-format tiles have at least one side that's bigger than 12 inches. Designs with large-format tiles are incredibly popular right now.

12 inches by 24 inches is a size that you'll see often. It relies on the same 1:2 ratio as subway tiles. Many people find that ratio pleasant to the eye.

Large-format tiles help rooms feel spacious. They're great for enhancing the appearance of a large room, but the right style could look great in a smaller room as well.

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6x36 Planks

Some homeowners love the idea of laying tiles that mimic the look of a hardwood floor. Wood-look tiles are frequently available in dimensions of 6 inches by 36 inches. They're often known as plank tiles.

Just like strips of hardwood flooring, plank tiles can be laid end-to-end. Some varieties resemble real wood grain so closely that it can be hard to tell the two materials apart.

For the most realistic wood look, you may want to search for planks that are at least 48 inches long. Those can be harder to come by, but a tile expert can point you in the right direction.

Some designers suggest using shorter planks in a herringbone pattern. You can use 36-inch-long tiles for that look or even go with 24-inch ones.

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Any Tile for Your Imagination

This guide set out to answer "What is the most popular tile size?" Perhaps, as you read, you settled on the exact right size and shape for your tastes

If not, never fear! Just because a tile size is popular, that doesn't mean you have to choose it. Instead, you could go for larger or smaller tiles, ones with curved edges, or even intricate water jet cuts.

For whatever layout you'd like to create, contact Artsaics to bring your vision to life. Our experts can set you up with the most popular tile size or a unique style all your own.

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