7 Examples of Natural Stone Mosaic Borders for Any Room in Your Home

7 Examples of Natural Stone Mosaic Borders for Any Room in Your Home

A room without a border is like a masterpiece without a frame. I like to think of natural stone mosaic borders in living spaces as the final embellishment that really frames a room into a beautiful masterpiece. For the luxury homeowner trying to make a grand impression, a border behind the marble countertops in kitchens and bathrooms give the room that extra bit of elegance that differentiates it from the ordinary. Natural stone mosaic borders also have an organic feel to them that is natural while distinctive and high-end. If you’re wondering how to include this design element in your next home remodel, here’s a list of seven natural stone borders to instantly beautify your home:

1. Tunisian Cassandra Scroll Borders

A wide range of colors and designs are possible when you cut natural stone into small mosaic pieces to use in borders. This type of technique using natural stone mosaic borders is what make ancient buildings jaw-droppingly beautiful, and they continue to enchant people even today. In the past, the mosaic pieces that were made of stone were for designs created for architectural projects, with glass and terracotta tiles used in ceiling mosaics that wouldn’t be trampled upon. Colored limestone may have even been substituted for marble when it was scarce or hard to get in the ancient world. Now, any luxury homeowner has the ability to use stone options using this ancient technique for borders in their own private bath, like this Tunisian Cassandra Scroll border. Tunisian Cassandra Scroll Border - View Details / Get Quote » If that one isn’t colorful enough, colors can range from cool wavy blues to flowery oranges. Cielo and Blue Bahia Cielo and Blue Bahia - View Details / Get Quote »

2. Carrara Marble Stone Border

This marble is highly sought after for its subtle blue-gray veins that come from only one place on the planet - Carrara, Italy. It was used for sculptures in the ancient world. In the modern world, it can be used to create herringbone patterns that are accentuated by the delicate feathery marbling. However, it can also be used in the same design to create a three dimensional sculpted border that instantly makes the kitchen backsplash stand out. Carrara Heringbone Mosaic Carrara Heringbone Mosaic - View Details / Get Quote »

3. Hone Slate Tile Borders

Slate has really come into its own with the way it is minimal, sharp, edgy in character. It is the perfect choice for a Zen-style minimalist bathroom that seeks that understated clean, edgy, elegance. Slate used in the bathroom as a border can be used as large slabs, as in this hone slate design, or it can be cut into more slender pieces and put together in a pattern that has a more mosaic feel.

4. Calacatta and Black Marble Borders

Many luxury homes have grand entryways that need a little something to give them that “grand” air. Marble is a good choice for a high-traffic area, and Calacatta marble can be used with black marble to create a traditional checkerboard pattern. The pattern not only creates instant drama, as if changing into a black-and-white tuxedo, but when the black board pieces are set along a diagonal, it also tends to visually open what otherwise can be cramped-looking spaces. Then, to frame it all, use a black marble border for the final touch. Calacatta and Nero Checker Board Mosaic Calacatta and Nero Checker Board Mosaic - View Details / Get Quote »

5. Barroque Etched Stone Borders

New laser techniques have allowed stonemasons to etch the hardest of stones into delicate, precise, works of art. In the Barroque Etched Stone Collection you will see black and white patterns with scrolled filligree or floral designs. Used in a backsplash border in a bathroom, it makes a one-of-a-kind statement. Dunka Dunka - View Details / Get Quote » If using it for the entire backsplash is too much, consider only using it as a thin border to provide a framing effect to your countertop. Black and White Pattern Bathroom Black and White Pattern Bathroom - View Details / Get Quote » If black and white borders are too harsh for your taste, try an elegant gray paisley etched stone border. Tedor Tedor - View Details / Get Quote »

6. Bordo Antico Etched Stone Borders

New techniques like laser-etching don’t have to have to be only for modern designs. They can be used to invoke nostalgic prior times by the careful use of etching with traditional designs that are subtle instead of dramatic. Give the stone an antique, weathered, look and include the delicate scrolled etching, and you might even think you’ve landed back in a Tuscan villa of past times, but with all the modern conveniences of today's kitchens. Bordo Antico Etched Stone Kitchen Bordo Antico Etched Stone Kitchen - View Details / Get Quote »

7. Limestone with Pinwheel Mosaic Borders

Remember those little limestone colored pieces they used in Greek and Roman public buildings? Well, limestone has never really gone out of style. It continues to be a popular choice for modern kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas. It even makes a great choice around a pool. Here, in this design, you can see the use of limestone as mosaic pinwheels that are are highlighted with larger pieces of limestone too to create a floor and a matching border in a contemporary bathroom design. Limestone with Pinwheel Mosaic Limestone with Pinwheel Mosaic - View Details / Get Quote »

Natural Stone Defies The Test of Time

Natural stone borders have a timeless appeal to create drama or highlight areas that might otherwise seem bland or ordinary. I hope this showcase of 7 natural stone borders can ignite your imagination as to how to give your rooms that final flourish they may be missing. Did you see any designs that particularly sparked your interest? Let us know in the comments. Also, as always, remember to like and share this article with your friends and followers.
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