Natural Stone Tile Designs

8 Beautiful Natural Stone Tile Designs That Bring Life to Any Room

Natural stone tile designs are the backdrop that can establish and anchor a particular home design scheme. If you talk to interior decorators, they have an entire vocabulary for different design styles, and these can also be used to determine what type of natural stone tile mosaic you might want to include in your next design project. If you lean towards the traditional designs, for instance, it comes with its own color palette and textures and knowing this can help you pick out the tiles to complete a traditional natural stone tile design. In this list, I've categorized some natural stone tile designs by their home decor equivalents to help you create the perfect look for your next design project.


#1. Tried and True Traditional

It's fair to start with traditional schemes because they tend to stand the test of time without losing their class or dignity. The same way you would use wood tones, metals, and florals to create a home interior with a traditional touch, you can pick a stone tile design that accentuates these traditional design aspects, like earthy granite and marble tiles, which also are timeless and classic. This traditional kitchen design used a floral grape mural with a black marble countertop, tying together all of the traditional design elements.

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#2. Eclectic and Modern

On the other end of the design spectrum is the modern and eclectic style of design. This can include abstract works of art, minimalistic color palettes, often either two-toned or monochromatic, and clean lines throughout with a leaning towards geometric designs. They also try to make a lot of use of "white space" in that the room may not have a whole lot of furnishings. There can also be an "off-beat" focal point or accent in the design, like a single red tulip vase in an all-white color scheme to create some visual interest. Eclectic designs, unlike pure modern designs, can also include a mix of styles (for instance, traditional furnishings with modern color and design scheme). To use natural stone design to create an eclectic and modern look, you can follow the same design guidelines to produce unique designs like these two:

1. Eclectic

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2. Modern

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#3. Soothing Contemporary

For people who prefer a warmer color palette and more curved lines or softer lines, there is the contemporary design scheme. It tends to use neutrals like beige, gray, or even pastels to create a soothing background, not just all white, while the decor remains uncluttered. Both florals and geometrics can play a part in this decor as well. 

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#4. Stylish Asian Infusion

After traditional, modern, and contemporary come the more uniquely stylish design schemes. Asian infused designs tend to have natural stone tile mosaic designs that invoke simple themes, like cherry blossoms or bonsai trees. 

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For the more Zen-like designs, you can use darker stones like a gray limestone and pebbled tiles to create a Japanese-themed rock garden tub.  

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#5. Magical Arabian Nights

These designs have strong colors, with lots of gold, and glitter too. The designs are intricate and scrolled, like an Alhambra fence. They should evoke an aura of extreme luxury, like what you might find in an Oriental palace. For those with a longing for sultry Moorish designs, you can create your own magical Arabian night with stone tiles that create a waterjet scrolled rug that seems like it might float off the ground at any moment. 

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#6. Art Deco Surprise

This style evolved in the roaring 20's and has a bold and fresh look. Just think of a flapper girl and you get the idea: fun and flirty. Art Deco makes use of materials that are mostly modern: glass and metal. However, the metal look can be created via metallic finishes on tiles as well. Stone tiles can still be used to create an Art Deco look when they include some glass trimmings or just have a unique Art Deco style or theme, like this mural mosaic. 

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#7. Baroque Bold

Baroque decor is dramatic and highly ornate. It came to a peak in Europe in the 17th century and still has an Old-World appeal. More is better, in a Baroque design scheme which applies to both dark colors and intricate scrolled curves. Everything in the room should have extravagant detailing and texture, and that includes the tile work. Here is an example of a Baroque bathroom with etched stone tiles for added textural relief.

Black and White Pattern Bathroom

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#8. Breezy Beach Coast

If you are California dreaming, the breezy beach coast design scheme includes lots of allusions to sun and surf, with light, bright, colors contrasting with calming aquamarine blues. It is a very casual style that leans more towards comfort than looks, with scenes from the beach included. It can be made even more contemporary when that scene is somewhat abstract as in these stone tile aqualine waves. 

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Pick Your Favorite Decor and Add Stone Tiles

There are many different design styles not mentioned here, like Arts and Craft and even Scandanavian, that can also provide unique possibilities for stone tile design. If you want to see some more, just check out this video: Pay close attention to how the stonework in each image contributed to the overall design look and feel. No matter what your favorite design scheme is, there is a stone tile that can help bring it to a whole new level. Natural stone tile designs work with traditional as well as Asian designs, as long as you follow the same design guidelines. Some stone tiles, like pebbled tiles, might lend themselves better to a breezy beach coast or Asian-inspired theme, but there are plenty of different stone tiles from marbles to limestone that can work wonders in any design style of your choice. Remember to just look for a design style you like, to start. Secondly, match the design guidelines to get that look and feel to the stone tiles or choose an appropriate mosaic motif for that style. Finally, make sure the color palette, design elements, and lines continue to reinforce the design style you've chosen and you are well on your way to creating a visually stunning design. If you have any questions, just comment below.
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