6 Beautiful Onyx Tile Designs That’ll Give Any Room a Warmer Look

6 Beautiful Onyx Tile Designs That’ll Give Any Room a Warmer Look

Amber is best known for its cameo jewelry applications and ancient people wore it to ward off the “evil eye.” Romans used it to create seals for their state business. Other ancient people used it for vessels, handles, and artwork. Its translucent quality makes it glow when light goes through it, warming up spaces with diffused light. This makes it ideal for bathrooms in modern designs that use onyx tiles to create a warmer look. It comes in a variety of colors naturally, except purple and blue, although onyx can be stained. I love the way onyx tile designs create unique bathroom and entryway designs that are truly works of art on their own. Here are six onyx tile ideas for how to use this amazing natural stone in your next luxury hotel or home remodel.


1. Amber Onyx for a Fiery Glow in the Bathroom

Onyx, like amber, is a type of chalcedony, but amber is layered differently. However, you can still get the same oranges and red that are characteristic of amber. See how this artist (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTkoahEbBL8) works with onyx directly from the quarry to bring out its fiery glow. If you prefer a more muted red, take a look at the multi color red available in tiles. 

Red Stone - View Details>>

2. Yellow Onyx Staircase

One of the most delightful ways to pair honey onyx tiles is with gold. One of the most famous examples of using yellow onyx in an entryway design is the onyx staircase in the Hotel de la Paiva in France.

This showstopper shows the ability of onyx to produce grand entrances. If an onyx banister is too much, why not use just the tiles for the steps to capture that glowing stepway to the sky? You can do that in your own home or hotel lobby using honey onyx tiles.  


3. White Onyx and Mother-of-Pearl for an Iridescent Floor Design

This pairing is truly spectacular in a floor design. The iridescence of the mother-of-pearl border picks up the glow of the white onyx and makes your entire floor shine. You can do the same using white persian tile and glass tile borders too. This can produce designs edged in whatever color you choose. 


Mother of Pearl - View Details>>

4. Artistic Backdrops in Green

Some of the most intense onyx colors lend themselves well to artistic applications, like wall backdrops. The veining in the onyx material makes each design truly unique and visually exciting. The green evokes the natural world and the brown and yellow veining draw the eye to the accent wall, like in this design.  You can also produce your own wall designs, in the bathroom, surrounding a fireplace, or in the kitchen to get the same abstract look using multicolor green onyx tiles.


 Green Tile - View Details>>

5. Backlight Neutral Modern Designs

If you want to use onyx in large expanses, like a countertop and want a more modern and neutral design, consider not only the color but also the backlighting. Using onyx on a backlit bar countertop in a restaurant will produce a wow factor and keep your establishment softly lit. Then, choose a color that isn’t too shocking, like the cappuccino light onyx tiles that are a warm beige and white. You can even take advantage of natural lighting, and avoid the artificial led lighting, just by proper placement of the onyx shower enclosure that has a window backlighting it. 


6. Patterned Brown Onyx

Onyx tile patterns create ribbons and bubbles of layered designs that are truly mesmerizing. You can use them as an accent wall in a Zen-like bathroom, or as a tile backsplash in a whimsical kitchen design.  Don’t avoid the dark onyx tiles, like mocha brown or black as they can be ideal in places where you want to hide fingerprints or high-use areas in restaurants. They are easy to clean with a soft cloth and come back to their original glow easily as long as you do it immediately and treat the stone with a sealant. By previously sealing the onyx you guard it against stains as it can pick up colors from spilled liquids. Read up on how to care for your onyx designs so that they will last a long time. 


Onyx Tile Designs to Create Highly Artistic Spaces

If your goal is to create a space that inspires and warms your soul, there is no better natural stone than onyx. Use the natural lighting in a space to bring out the richness of the stone or create artificially backlit designs for a modern twist. Onyx comes in huge slabs that is cut into tiles and makes it easy to install. Each tile is unique and creates highly individualistic patterns. By combining it with other materials for borders, like mother-of-pearl and glass tiles, you can create modern patterns that seem almost heavenly. From jewelry to grand staircases in France, this stone has a long history of being highly valued and appreciated for its beauty and functionality. Did you like the onyx tiling examples I’ve collected for you? If so, like and share this article with your friends and followers. Have you got your own example that you think tops them all? Add a comment and share it with the rest of us too.
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