Stair Riser Tile Ideas

7 Amazing Tile Ideas You'll Want to See

Tiles really let your personality stand out in a way that other tile projects can't match. Your home doesn't have to be a Spanish Colonial to enjoy this additional decorative touch. There are tile ideas for any type of home, whether your luxury home is a modern marvel or an earthy green home. And, if your home does happen to hark back to more vintage times, you can also use traditional tiles in new ways to get a newer look. Here is a list of 7 amazing project ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


#1. Go with a Traditional Design Using Stone Mosaic Tiles

Before we veer off into newer territory, let's take a look at how a trusty traditional design can be upgraded with stone tiles, instead of ceramic. Newer cutting techniques allow stone tiles to have some of the same intricate designs as ceramic tiles, but with a more high-end look and feel since they can produced into any design. Here is an example of stone mosaic in a bathroom, but just imagine using this mosaics in your project. 

 Mosaic Tile - View Details>>


#2. Do a Two-Step with Decorative Tiles

Did you like the newer traditional tile options? Why not consider using them in a two-step approach where you can alternate decorative with solid tiles for more variety. For instance, you can combine a beautiful waterjet tile with beige, gold, or even blue solid tiles to create an entirely new design with traditional motifs. This mix-and-match approach opens up a wide palette of possibilities. For instance, the conventional approach to using a stick mosaic on a riser, like this mosaic tile, would be to use it one after the other, either laid horizontally or vertically to create a consistent modern piece. However, if you wanted to two-step it, you could just alternate them with a floral tile in white and black, or simply use a plain white tile. The design possibilities are really only limited by your imagination. 


Tile and Metal Waterjet Tile - View Details>>


#3. Add a Diagonal Perspective

Who says you have to use the tiles in squares? Custom tile layers can cut the tiles on-the-job to create even more spectacular designs. Cut the tile in fourths on the diagonal and them lay some squares at a 45-degree angle, and you can gain a whole new perspective in design! Combine this new layout format with two different alternating tiles and even if you use a traditional Mediterranean tile, it still looks fresh and inviting. 

Porcelain Waterjet Tile - View Details>>


#4. Consider Using Border Tiles

Border tiles aren't just for bathroom and kitchen backsplashes. They can completely transform a space and give it a dimensional effect at the same time. It does depend on the style of your room, but you can fill in the gaps with other cut pieces. Take a look at this stunning example of a border tile being used in a bathroom. Notice how the border creates a subtle sense of uniformity throughout the entire bathroom that gives a stamp of elegance. It's a work of art on many levels! 

Mosaic Borders - View Details>>


#5. Create a Glittery Crescendo

Interested in something more contemporary and modern? Using newer materials like glass, metal, mother-of-pearl, and even mirrored tiles, you can create a glittery crescendo that surpasses just the use of color and design alone. This type of tile is particularly effective in areas where it can catch sunlight during different parts of the day. Consider using a mother-of-pearl and stone tile for a more modern look. To get a softer light effect, go for glass tiles, in different colors, whether the tiles are matte finish or not.  


Stone and glass Mosaic - View Details>>


#6. Surprise Them with a Staggered Mural

If you've ever turned the corner on a house only to spot a stone mural, you'll know how effective it is at creating a good impression. Now, consider that a wall or a floor is not the only place you can put a mural. Imagine this cherry blossom tree mosaic mural climbing up your wall, murals are perfect for delighting and amusing the guests in your home, so make sure it is as highly visible as possible by putting it on your main focal points.  

Cherry Blossom Mosaic Mural - View Details>>


#7. Pebbled Tile

What if you live in a sustainable green home with an emphasis on natural materials? If you want to make sure everyone knows what your values are there's no reason you can't add a little more of that natural look and feel to space by using pebbled tiles. Take a look at this bathroom to get an idea of what it might look like. It provides a dimensional, but natural, look that is stunningly appropriate in a green home. There are plenty of stone tiles that mimic pebbled walkways and come in a variety of different colors too.  

Pebble Tile - View Details>>


Give Your Space a Starring Role

Focal points are one of those fun home remodeling projects that seem trivial, but they actually can dramatically transform an space and make an instant design statement about your luxury home or business. While traditional square tiles are still a good option, if you want to increase the star power you can choose a different layout pattern or consider new, exciting, materials. Finally, if you really want to make a powerful statement, you can create a mosaic masterpiece that is a whole work of art. Do you think you would incorporate some of these stair riser tile ideas into your home? If you have any questions about an idea you might want to try on your next design project, just comment below.
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