6 Beautiful Tile Color Trends That Are Here to Stay

6 Beautiful Tile Color Trends That Are Here to Stay

Today's tile color trends tend to be dark and brassy on the one hand, while subtle and sexy on the other. Vintage colors are making somewhat of a comeback, like pinks, greens, and yellows, but every shade of blue is my top choice for 2018. Color variations for tiles have never been more exciting, in my opinion, with metallics and distressed colors creating a texturized color palette for additional variety and interest. Here are the top 6 beautiful tile color trends that I believe might even outlast 2018.

#1. Understated Elegance with Gray and White

In the "subtle and sexy" category are gray and white tile combinations. Consider these color choices where you normally might have opted for black and white as a formal style. The gray and white color scheme has a muted elegance that is soothing and looks good in any situation. Here it is in a shower stall with a black border as the accent color.

You can get this look quickly using the Blanch Stone collection.

Blanch Collection Blanch Collection - See Full Collection » »

Or, try tiles in gray and white with a more intricate patterning like in the Effusion Quick Ship collection.

Stone Mosaics Effusion Janice Janice - View Details / Get Quote »

If you want to go more upscale, consider using only marble veined in gray and white to give you that color combination that is perfect for a luxury bathroom.

Calacatta Bathroom Floor Calacatta Bathroom Floor - View Details / Get Quote »

#2. Expansive Blue Options

Blue evokes the big, beautiful, sky or the deep, endless ocean. It is a color that feels expansive and calming at the same time. That is probably why, I think it is a big hit in 2017 and and even bigger one in 2018. However, you may find that instead of just one shade of blue, you want to use multiple shades in the same project. Soho strips allow you to do that with blues from the palest baby blue shade to a soft steel gray blue.

Soho Strips Mosaics - View Details / Get Quote »

In this design, the borders are strips and combined with an even deeper blue basketweave pattern on the floor.

Cielo and Blue Bahia Cielo and Blue Bahia - View Details / Get Quote »

Different shades of blue are ideal in pool tile projects, whether it is to produce a dappled effect on the pool bottom or to give a decorative flourish in a different shade of blue.

Fish Mosaic 4 Fish Mosaic 4 - View Details / Get Quote »

#3. Delightfully Dark Colors

If contemporary color schemes in beige make you nauseous, take heart. The chocolatey tones of brown are back, even paired with black sometimes. Who says all bathrooms have to be white or all kitchens light-colored? Adding darker tones give the space a sensual, velvety, feel. This bathroom, while small, doesn't seem overpowered by the use of dark tones in slate tile.

As a nod to vintage tastes, even black and white barroque tiles in a small bathroom are now acceptable color choices.

Black and White Pattern Bathroom Black and White Pattern Bathroom - View Details / Get Quote »

Dare to go dark with this almost all-black floor.

Tunisian Phinn Mosaic Leaf Border - View Details / Get Quote »

Or, consider doing the bathroom entirely with Blue Bahia tile, which is a deep shade of blue.

Blue Bahia Blue Bahia - View Details / Get Quote »

#4. Vintage Metallics

Bronzes, golds, and other metallics are coming in trendy bathroom and kitchen designs, this time in tile color schemes. The irridescent golds can be had with glass tiles or rusty metallics in vintage tiles like this design with the Bordo Antico Etched Stone tiles.

Bordo Antico Etched Stone Kitchen Bordo Antico Etched Stone Kitchen - View Details / Get Quote »

It has a "rusty metallic" look that will be popular in color trends. However, don't be afraid to experiment with tiles that have a shiny metallic touch as well. Mother-of-pearl mosaics can have that silvery look that people like to pair with blues and white.

Silo - View Details / Get Quote »

#5. Distressed Colors

Shabby chic has been all the rage for furniture with distressed colors in teal, yellows, and hot pinks. For 2018, we see the same trend in tiles, with the look coming from tile color trends that give the room a "distressed" wood look. Limestone, indoors, can give you a distressed look with multiple variations in the stone color.

Limestone with Pinwheel Mosaic Limestone with Pinwheel Mosaic - View Details / Get Quote »

Ledger stone also can give the distressed look when stacked in multiple streaked colors.

Plank flooring in different stone tiles can also produced a distressed wood look, but have a durability and ease of maintenance that is not possible with actual wood floors.

#6. Flat and Shiny Monochromatic Schemes

Tiles can come in mat and polished finishes. Monochromatic colors schemes get ramped up with this approach simply by using two different tile finishes in the same project. If you want variations in beige, you might try a tumbled stone floor to give that sometimes shiny, sometimes flat, feel with a similar pallette of colors, making it seem monochromatic.

However, it can be even classier with a herringbone layout of some flat, some shiny, tiles in the same color, for a very subtle, highly elegant, feel. Imagine combining this color trend with the trend for an all blue bathroom and you might be surprised at the ripple effect, simulating water, when the light passes across the flat and shiny surfaces.

Vintage Is In

Pinks, and yellows are more in vogue this year, but whether they are here to stay, it's hard to say. Avocado green and Pepto-bismol pink tiles may end up being popular again, but they might end up going out of style just as quickly as they did last time. When hopping on the vintage train, remember that you want the project to look "fresh" and not dated. Neutrals and blues will never go out style, thus, I tend to stick with those in my own projects and steer my clients away from any color trend that may not last. However, in the end, the choice of what color you want in your space is a highly personal decision, which should make you, the luxury homeowner, happy, and not just follow some massive public trend. I hope this list has helped you pinpoint what color choices might work well for your next home or business project.

Which color trend do you prefer? What color trends do you think should also be included in my list? Please comment below and let me know what other color trends might be worth watching in 2018. If you like the article, like it on social media and share it with your friends and followers.

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