Tiles for a Hotel Lobby

7 Examples of Tiles for a Hotel Lobby That Will Impress

Hotel lobbies act as meeting hubs and welcoming stages for visitors from all over the world. The grander and more decorative a hotel lobby, the more it is likely to impress the guests staying at the hotel. For that reason, no expense is spared when looking for tiles for a hotel lobby to get just the right look. However, a hotel lobby is such a high traffic area, that it also has to withstand abundant foot traffic without losing its appeal or getting old before its time. Stone tiles tend to do the trick for floors because they offer very hard surfaces that can be polished to a dramatic shine, while any manner of glamorous tiles can be used to enhance a dramatic effect when used on walls or fireplace surrounds. Here are a few different choices that make a large lobby unique and sparkle with excitement.


#1 Modern Mirrored and Stone Tiles

The Glitz Collection focuses on the contrast between smooth, neutral, stone pieces against mirrored tiles that make a lobby almost appear bejeweled. They can be used as accent borders, feature walls, on rectangular columns, or around a fireplace surround. They help to bounce light off a spectacular chandelier at night or panoramic windows during the day.

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#2 Mother of Pearl Mosaic Tiles

If you're going for a soft luster and not a sharp shine, you can still use materials like mother of pearl with your stone mosaics. They are not as forward as mirrored tiles, but still produce interesting lighting effects. Mother of pearl is a semi-precious material, adding to the elegance of your hotel lobby. These can even be used on the floor, if you so desire.

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#3 Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaics offer subtle glow effects, unlike a mirrored or mother of pearl tile. They are particularly nice for lobbies with high natural lighting and can be used in strips or mosaics. The strips tend to have a very sleek modern look, whereas the mosaics can be used to create any number of themed designs for a feature wall. Imagine this lovely nature collage put up as a permanent work of art in your hotel lobby.

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#4 Black and Grey Designs

If you'd rather have shine, black and grey theme, then the waterjet Collection is the one for you. These waterjet-cut designs not only offer an intricate design from fine scroll work to paisley or floral motifs, but it can also intrigue visitors to take a closer look due to the technique used to create these fine tiles. Once they run their fingers along the wall, they'll know that this is no ordinary tile.

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#5 Marble Tiles

Nothing can compare with marble for a high-end statement, particularly if the stone in use is Statuary. It is an excellent choice for large tiled pieces, and can be used in a hotel lobby as the main showstopper.

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However, marbles are not just limited to black and white color schemes. You can get marble in any kind of color.


#6 Waterjet Cut Designs

If you'd rather create a branded design with your business name or logo for the lobby, you can do that with waterjet tile designs. This technology is able to cut even the most difficult curves in hard stones like marble with a high degree of accuracy. Just take a look at this custom waterjet design using Tapeti tile.


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 #7 Any Tile Around a Fireplace

Consider putting in a fireplace hearth so that you can add that type of lighting to space too, especially in cold weather areas. The drama of a lit fireplace, whether it is gas or natural, is beyond compare for attracting guests to a lobby. Add a mosaic fireplace surround and as the flames jump and play, you'll also get a little glittery effect that is charming. 

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Create an Alluring and Inviting Environment for Your Guests

As anyone knows, chandelier and candle light are romantic additions to spaces that make them more inviting. Now, though, you can also create that play of light with materials like mother of pearl, glass, or mirrors. Add stone for durability and high-end appeal and you have the makings of an excellent design. Your guests will feel like they are in a magical place by using the right tiles for a hotel lobby that engage their senses and produce subtle lighting effects. Contact us at Artsaics if you’re interested in one of our beautifully designed tile mosaics for your hotel’s lobby!
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