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10 Ways You Can Use Water Jet Medallions to Transform Any Surface

Water jet technology has made it much more efficient to create increasingly complex tile medallions for the luxury homeowner and business office. Homeowners like the way medallions make it possible to do a small project without having to cover an entire wall or floor. Business owners like the way they produce a dramatic effect in an entry foyer and can withstand massive foot traffic without fading. They can literally cover any surface because the installation is isolated to a small area. Since most of the work is done in the tile shop, the installation can be quickly completed in a day, letting both homeowners and business people get back to their busy lives without much fuss and bother.

10 Ideas For Water Jet Medallions to Make a Big Impression on a Small Surface

Even if your surface is not that big, a medallion may be the perfect answer to high traffic areas and mediocre decorative options for small spaces. However, even business owners and government buildings take advantage of medallions for large public building areas. Make use of the fact that tiles are water-resistant, heat-resistant, and highly durable when you’re thinking about where you might end up installing a medallion in your home or business. Get a few ideas from the list I've collected below:

1. Stone Carpets in Floors

Medallions can be rectangular or circular and include complex or simple geometric designs. The water jet medallions can be carved into intricate scroll work that looks seamless and professional for the business entryway or a private hallway. Louvre Collection Louvre - See Full Collection »

2. On a Bathroom Wall

These durable artistic tiles amp up bathroom spaces in public buildings and high-end private homes. Use them as wall art and frame them with additional tile to give them the appearance of permanent art. Luxe Family Flower Mosaic Luxe Family Flower Mosaic - View Details / Get Quote »

3. Bottom of a Shower or Tub

Since the tiles won’t get damaged by water, unlike wood floors, they are the perfect answer to wet areas. They can also be put directly on the bottom of a shower stall enclosed in glass for a very custom look or at the bottom of a step-in Roman tub. Tapeti Clair Fish Mosaic

Tapeti Clair Fish Mosaic - View Details / Get Quote »

4. As Throw “Rugs”

Opt for a rectangle for the living room, as a built in throw rug. Or, if you want to use them outside on your patio, they make a great built-in throw rug to delineate a space for seating or an eating area where you can set a patio table on top. Tapeti Naran Mosaic Medallion Tapeti Naran Mosaic Medallion - View Details / Get Quote »

5. At the Pool Bottom

Many offices have water features that are somewhat bland, but have the nice engaging sound of trickling water. Why not delight most of the senses with tile work that can create a one-of-a-kind pool bottom? Your visitors will be able to see a beautiful design, feel the cool water, and hear the sound of running water when they are presented with your water feature or pool inlaid with a custom medallion. Homeowners can also do the same with their pools at home too. You use water jet medallions to add a visual theme to your beautiful pool area without doing the entire pool bottom. Reef Mosaic Reef Mosaic - View Details / Get Quote »

6. Wood and Medallions

Medallions can use all manner of custom tiles, even wood or metal. However, if you want to get an entirely stone medallion, with granite or marble, into your wood floors that’s possible too. Professional installers know how to cut out just the area needed to install the medallion without ruining the rest of the wood flooring. The designs with these stone tiles, like granite and marble, when combined with parquet or wood floors, are eye-catching and thrilling to the luxury homeowner. Borea Borea - View Details / Get Quote »

7. For Your Ceilings

Ceiling medallions can accentuate lighting and trey ceilings, or they can make a statement all on their own. They can be used for the entire ceiling, a la Michelangelo, or you can isolate them to specific areas, like near the base of a lighting fixture. Octagon with Large White Stone and Small Black pattern Octagon with White Stone & Small Black pattern - View Details / Get Quote »

8. Back Splash for the Stove

Since tiles can resist heat and water very well, custom medallions are ideal for the kitchen. They can be put in high traffic areas next to the stove, on the floor, or above the range to create a visual backdrop. Cucina Collection Cucina - See Full Collection »

9. Back Splash for the Fireplace

In the same fashion, and for the same reasons, custom medallions make a great showpiece for fireplaces. They can also be used for the hearth area, without fear that the sparks might light them on fire, and for the areas above the mantle where you want to make a statement and add glamor to the home. Floral Mosaic Fireplace Floral Mosaic Fireplace - View Details / Get Quote »

10. For Business Foyers or Private Entryways

While small medallions are ideal in the home, they an also be as large as you need for a business foyer. They can be as big the the main entrance to a building and are uniquely suited to highlight domed areas by echoing the circular motif on the floor. Custom Waterjet Medallion Custom Waterjet Medallion - View Details / Get Quote »

Medallions for Any Surface You Want

Medallions make it easy to install custom works of art in your home that will last a lifetime. They can be put on any flat surface, and are resistant to heat and water. They can be embedded in other surfaces that are already installed, like wood flooring, without destroying it. They are perfect for high traffic areas, with rectangular or circular designs available to add a permanent throw rug to any small space. They are beautiful and add just the right drama to any room. Did you enjoy the list of examples I found on how to use medallions in your home or business? If so, please comment and share this article for others to see the many different ways a medallion can beautify their home or business in their next small remodeling project.
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