8 Inspiring Water Jet Tile Designs for Your Home Renovation

8 Inspiring Water Jet Tile Designs for Your Home Renovation

Waterjet technology can cut parts with such high precision that it is often used when manufacturing machine parts. However, the same quality that makes it excellent for aerospace and automotive manufacturing, also makes it ideal for cutting tiles in repetitive patterns to a very high tolerance. Not only do you get identical patterns, even when cutting through substances as hard as stone, but you also get the ability to create intricate curves, which is near impossible with other types of tile-cutting tools. If this wasn't enough to get you excited about water jet tiles, you probably just haven't seen enough of them! Take a look at these beauties to get an eyeful of the wonderful possibilities of water jet tile design.

#1 Scrolls Galore

There is something utterly elegant about scrolls. This Curv Cirus Waterjet Scroll mosaic seems like something out of 1001 Arabian Nights because of the magic it can bring to your home. This design is in the classic black and white color scheme and is made with hard stone tiles. The high precision makes the design seem seamless too! Curv Cirus Waterjet Scroll Mosaic Curv Cirus Waterjet Scroll Mosaic - View Details / Get Quote »

#2 Multi-Colored Curves

If you like a little more color, you can create tiles with different stones that give you exactly the palette of your choice. Depending on the color of the stone or glass you are choosing to cut with the waterjet tool, you can get a wide variety of colors in your mosaic. Here is a waterjet tile in bright, beautiful, yellow! Adimas - View Details / Get Quote »

#3 Abstract, Colorful, Mosaics

Curves, circles, and swirls make for fantastic abstract designs. Keep them classic or go very abstract; It's your choice. With the addition of different stone materials, you get an abstract work of art that is unique to your tastes, as in this bathroom floor design with Curv Ally waterjet tiles. Curv Ally Waterjet Mosaic Curv Bathroom Tile Floor - View Details / Get Quote »

#4 Shimmery, Dreamy, Tiles

The same tool that can cut hard ceramic and stones, can also deal with fragile materials like glass and mother-of-pearl without shattering them to pieces. This creates unique opportunities for tiles that combine the strength of stone with the shimmery, dreamy, effects of glass or mother-of-pearl. Using glass in tiles is an ancient practice, going back to 2500 B.C. However, with the waterjet the glass is incorporated directly in with the stone, not just by itself. This Munna tile has both glass and mother-of-pearl inlaid in the mosaic pattern for a subtle, but entrancing, effect! The Silo tile is only mother-of-pearl and stone cut in thin ribbon-like strands in curvy globes. The contrast is delightful! Munna - View Details / Get Quote » Silo - View Details / Get Quote »

#5 Engaging Floral Patterns

Famous British landscape designer, William Kent, once echoed:"Nature abhors a straight line." If you have ever observed flowers and hills, you would probably agree. Trying to get those curves, though, without waterjet technology would be very difficult indeed. However, you don't have to worry if you want flowers in your tiles, you can easily get them now. The Sorana tile includes mother-of-pearl within a floral pattern to make your flowers dance in the sunlight! Stone Mosaics Effusion Sorana Sorana - View Details / Get Quote »

#6 Shadowy Effects

Rope-like,stringy, patterns can almost seem life-like and vibrant due to the shadowy effect of different colored stone mosaics that delicately outline each strand in a darker color. Add to that a marble backdrop, and the veins in marble also enhance the shadowy effect in this beautiful backsplash. Curv Dimas Water Jet Mosaic Pattern - View Details / Get Quote »

#7 Interlacing, Woven, Looks

Since the waterjet can cut such ribbon-like creations in stone tiles, it can produce some interesting interlacing looks that overlap and weave in and out of each other. Overlapping is one way that artists create the perception of depth and space, and it is no different when designing tiles. This Lissa pattern definitely has the feel of a 3-dimensional object, without added texture. This Sally tile also offers a "bumpy" basket-like look by weaving the design in and out in an overlapping manner. Stone Mosaics Effusion Lissa Lissa - View Details / Get Quote » Stone Mosaics Effusion Sally Sally - View Details / Get Quote »

#8 Sculptured Tiles

Did we forget to mention that the water jet can also create dimensional effects that can produce 3-D tiles? This is one of the many benefits you get with this amazing tool. Take a look at this stunning Dimension waterjet tile that is literally jaw-dropping! Dimensione Dimension - View Details / Get Quote »

Scrumptious Designs Using Waterjet Tiles

Did you feast your eyes on these amazing water jet tile designs? You have many awesome choices when you are considering water jet tiles. There are tiles with scrolls that are seamlessly elegant. Multi-colored and abstract designs create even more visual interest. Play with light in your rooms by adding fragile mother-of-pearl or glass inlays without worrying that they will be harder to cut. The water jet can handle both hard stone and delicate mother-of-pearl or glass equally well. Take a cue from nature and go for no straight lines in your design. Make your designs more vibrant and alive by adding shadows or interesting woven effects that create visual depth. If you really want to have a 3-D design with texture for your walls, then the water jet can also cut right into the stone tile and create one-of-a-kind sculptured tiles that will wow anyone that happens to come upon them. I hope you were inspired by this small list of water jet tiles and consider using them in your next home or business remodel project. It is a brand new technology for tiles that is still being explored. This technology will probably even come up with even more design surprises in the future. Do you have any questions about water jet tiles or how to use them with your next design? Just comment below and we will be happy to help you discover the wonders of using this type of tile to bring your design into the modern machine age.
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