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Top 7 Inspiring Entryway Design Ideas

Entryways are a place for first impressions. As guests come into your entryway, they’ll form ideas about you and your home or business.It makes sense to pay careful attention to the details of your entryway design. Whether it’s the front door, the back door or a side entrance, the seven entryway design ideas below can […]

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Barroque Tile Designs

You Have to See These 10 Barroque Tile Designs!

The Baroque period inspired many artisans in the 17th and 18th century throughout Europe. It was a stylistic movement that influenced painting, sculpture, and even Barroque tile for architectural purposes. Barroque tile designs used many of the same principles as the movement, making use of the contrast between dark and light for dramatic effect while trying […]

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Medallion Tile Designs

7 Striking Examples of Medallion Tile Designs

Originally, medallion tile designs were all circular, due to the fact that Latin word “medalia” meant a Roman coin valued at half a denarius. Typically, a medallion also depicted a person or architectural design, much the same way the coins did. However, in recent times, medallions can depict anything and have many different shapes, from oval […]

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Tile Terminology - Glossary of Tile Terms

Tile Terminology: A Glossary of Important Mosaic Tile Terms

There is nothing more frustrating than watching a video about a subject like mosaic tiles and not understanding key terms in it. What is a substrate? What’s the difference between Carrara and Calacatta marble tiles? What is a waterjet and how is it important to tiling? There are plenty of terms in the industry that aren’t necessary […]

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Porcelain vs Ceramic Tile

Porcelain vs Ceramic Tile: What’s the Difference & When to Use Each

If porcelain is a mystery to you, it might not surprise you to learn it was a mystery to everyone outside China until the 17th century. After centuries of being imported from the East, a German alchemist by the name of Bottger revealed its secret composition. In fact, Europeans had to buy porcelain from China up […]

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5 Travertine Tile Design Ideas to Inform Your Remodeling Decisions

There is nothing that beats travertine for “Old World” charm in remodeling. Travertine tile patterns are as old as the Roman era, where travertine was known as “lapis Tiburtinus,” since it was taken from Tiber (a town now known as Tivoli in modern times). While natrual travertine tile ideas are beautiful in their buildings, however, […]

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Tapeti Naran Mosaic Medallion

10 Ways You Can Use Water Jet Medallions to Transform Any Surface

Water jet technology has made it much more efficient to create increasingly complex tile medallions for the luxury homeowner and business office. Homeowners like the way medallions make it possible to do a small project without having to cover an entire wall or floor. Business owners like the way they produce a dramatic effect in an entry […]

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