Enhance Your Interior Decorating Business With Custom Stone Mosaics

Enhance Your Interior Decorating Business With Custom Stone Mosaics

Find something that can set you apart for your customer...mosaics!

Finding that unique touch for your interior designs can be difficult regardless of the client's tastes and requests. However, what could be more transforming of a living space, classical or modern as mosaics?

No matter what the client's preferences or your personal design style; mosaic tiles enhance interior decorating and always has. Mosaic as an art form has delighted designers and their clients since the third millennium BCE, they are masterpieces of elegance yet versatile enough to be modern.

Mosaics can enhance your interior decorating style

What better way to compliment your hard work, be it simple or complexly nuanced, than with a custom mosaic in durable and attractive stone. Made to your client's design or pulling from an existing element, to the spaces own specifications, these handmade mosaic tiles enhance interior decorating whether it's a functional element such as floors or a purely artistic splash on an accent wall.

These pièce de résistance can also create a feeling of gravity and comfortable permanence to a formal space such as a dining room, foyer or living area or luxury and relaxation to the bath or pool. The mood of the room is everything in design and mosaics can help, if you'll pardon the pun, cement that vital vibe.

Further mosaic advantages to pass along to your customers

The practical advantages to stone mosaics should not be ignored, and there are many. These showpieces are durable, easy to install and clean as well as a green choice. For all these reasons mosaics were the ultimate designs for our ancient forebears when they were creating their timeless temples and our forefathers as well when constructing our treasured monuments. In these ways and more mosaic tiles enhance interior decorating for many generations to come.

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Nelson Londono founded Artsaics in 1998 after learning the ins and outs of designing custom artistic tiles and stone mosaics. The New York-based surfacing company specializes in producing stunning artistic tiles & stone designs with fine natural stone from around the world. Nelson and his team's passion lies in working with their hands, heads and hearts to make each and every space a unique reflection of self expression. You can learn more about Artsaics here.

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